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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 100 - Heavy Beatings Since He Was A Child

Chapter 100: Heavy Beatings Since He Was A Child

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

“You bastard!” The old master stood up and looked around. “Where’s my cane? Where’s my cane!”

The old master couldn’t help but raise his hand and punch Fu Sinian’s shoulder!

Shi Qian quickly held onto the old master. “Grandpa, don’t be angry.”


Old Master Fu glared at Fu Sinian angrily. This punch was not appeasing at all!

Why did this person have such a foul mouth?

Would it kill him to keep quiet?

“Shi Qian, you can stay in the dormitory as usual during the weekdays. Go back and accompany Old Master during the weekends and holidays.” Fu Sinian made the arrangements directly.

“Okay.” Shi Qian nodded immediately.

Fu Sinian had arranged this. She wasn’t afraid of any misunderstandings in the future.

“Grandpa, I’ll go back to stay with you on weekends and holidays. Although the house is close to school, it’s an hour away both morning and night. If there’s traffic again, it’ll take a lot of time. I can save time and use it on my studies. Do you think that’s okay?”

Hearing Shi Qian’s gentle voice, the old master’s anger immediately dissipated.

“Okay.” The old master nodded.

Actually, the old master could accept such an arrangement.

If Fu Sinian had said that in the beginning, would he have been angered by him so badly?

If Fu Sinian wasn’t his biological grandson, he wouldn’t have been willing to let Qian Qian, a flower, be stuck in cow dung!

Fu Sinian picked up a towel, wiped his hands, and started the wheelchair to leave.

Shi Qian accompanied the old master to finish his breakfast.

Jin An walked over with his phone. “Old Master, the flight is booked for twelve-ten.”

“Okay.” The old master nodded.

Shi Qian had no choice but to get a refund on the train ticket.

“Qian Qian, it’s still early. Entertain yourself for a while. I still have something to say to Sinian.” With that, the old master got up and walked to Fu Sinian’s room.

Shi Qian was worried.

Could it be that the old master’s anger had yet to subside and he wanted to beat Fu Sinian up again?

She felt that Fu Sinian deserved to be beaten.

The old master was so amiable that Fu Sinian couldn’t speak to him in a different tone.

It was just that unpleasant.

“Young Madam, are you worried about Young Master Fu?” Auntie Xu walked over with a glass of hot water and looked at Shi Qian with a smile.

“No, I’m not. I’m not worried about him.” Shi Qian shook her head quickly.

“Young Master Fu has indeed been beaten by Old Master many times since he was young. However, Old Master also loves him dearly.”

“Young Master Fu must have put in a lot of effort to be beaten,” Shi Qian muttered softly.

Inside the room.

The old master walked to Fu Sinian with a dignified expression.

“Fu Sinian! Confess and you’ll be forgiven. If you resist, you’ll be severely punished!”

Fu Sinian glanced up at the old master. “Confess what? Resist what?”

The old master planted his walking stick on Fu Sinian’s laptop and closed it.

“Qian Qian’s sudden departure must be because of you. What did you do last night?” The old master sounded like a criminal interrogator.

“Didn’t she say she was going back to school?”

“Girls are sensitive. She said that as an excuse. She just didn’t want me to worry!”

“You studied psychology at a university when you had nothing to do?” Fu Sinian asked calmly as he leaned back in his chair.

The old master raised his walking stick in anger.

Fu Sinian looked up and met the old master’s gaze fearlessly.

The old master still didn’t have the heart to hit him.

He put the walking stick down.

“You don’t admit it, do you? Even if you don’t, I know you must have bullied Qian Qian! I can tell that Qian Qian can’t wait to leave this place because she doesn’t want to see you again!”