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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 683 - Chapter 683: First Official Date

Chapter 683: First Official Date

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The motorcycle stopped by the scenic walkway by the river. Shi Qian led Fu Sinian down the walkway.

The riverbanks were well-arranged, and the wooden stacks were charming.

It was dark and the lights on both sides of the river were lit, adding an indescribable charm to the small city.

Fu Sinian looked at Shi Qian under the light and suddenly felt that this moment was better than his careful planning.

He wanted to take Shi Qian out for fun this summer vacation. It had taken him many days to choose a place.

He chose some of the most famous places in the world but still could not make a decision.

This small city gave him the warmth he wanted.

Actually, the important thing was not where to go, but who he was with.

Shi Qian stood quietly by the river and looked at the distant scenery.

The light shone on the distant street. She thought she saw her mother riding the motorcycle with her.

She had hated this place and wanted to escape. In the end, it had become a place she missed.

When she returned here again, she actually felt a trace of reluctance.

Fu Sinian came to Shi Qian’s side and looked into her eyes as he leaned against the railing.

Shi Qian turned to look at him.

There was a gentleness in his eyes that even the evening breeze could not compare to.

Fu Sinian’s heart rippled like a river.

At that moment, a couple walked past them.

They held hands and steepled their fingers.

Fu Sinian glanced at it and reached out to hold Shi Qian’s hand. His fingers passed through her fingers and clasped her palm tightly.

Shi Qian looked down at their clenched hands.

“Qian Qian, this should be our first date, right?”

Shi Qian froze.

“The trajectory of life is nothing more than getting to know each other, loving each other, understanding each other, and accompanying each other. Let’s not leave either one behind, okay?”

Shi Qian looked up at him.

The light and the moonlight shone into his eyes, intertwining with moving lights. Only her figure was surrounded by these lights.

“We already know each other, so it’s time to have a good relationship.”

Shi Qian could hear her heartbeat clearly.

Under Fu Sinian’s moving gaze, she nodded slowly.

After receiving her response, Fu Sinian’s eyes were filled with a blissful smile.

She was really starting to accept him.

At this moment, he was filled with endless happiness and satisfaction.

“Let’s take a walk in front. This walkway was built along the river. There’s an ancient city further ahead,” Shi Qian introduced the place to him like a tour guide.

“Let’s go.” Fu Sinian held Shi Qian’s hand and walked forward.

“Look at the small square opposite.” Shi Qian pointed across.

Fu Sinian followed her finger and realized that some people were dancing, and they were all old people.

To be honest, he had never seen or heard of square dancing.

“A Seniors’ Dancing Group?”

Shi Qian froze.

Could it be that Fu Sinian didn’t know what square dancing was?

He was like an immortal she had dragged from the sky. With his status, if it hadn’t been for her, he might never have had the chance to live like this.

“That’s square dancing. It’s a leisurely sport for old people,” Shi Qian explained to him seriously.

“I used to think that when I could make money, I would let my mother rest. I would support her and never let her work again. During the day, she would do what she liked. At night, after dinner, she would come to the river to dance squares. At that time, I thought that would be the ideal life. My wishes were simple and innocent..”