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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 675 - Chapter 675: Ruthless Person

Chapter 675: Ruthless Person

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Next, answer whatever 1 ask you. If there’s any more nonsense, I guarantee you’ll be in ten times more pain than you are now.”

Lin Qinghe quickly nodded. She no longer dared to challenge Fu Sinian’s authority.

At this moment, she realized deeply.

This man was different from Song Yan!

Fu Sinian was really ruthless!

Half an hour later, Fu Sinian walked out of the ward.

Jiang Feng immediately went forward. “Young Master Fu, did you get anything out of her?”

“Keep an eye on Su Ruoqing!” Fu Sinian said in a low voice.


After Fu Sinian got into the car, he called Chen Song directly.

Chen Song was now in Cloud City dealing with Lin Shiming.

“President Fu, what can I do for you?”

“Settle Lin Shiming’s finances in three days, including those that Su Youwei has taken over.”

“Yes!” Chen Song immediately replied.

After hanging up, Chen Song immediately felt immense pressure.

President Fu had given him ten days at first. Why had it been reduced to three days all of a sudden?

Could Lin Shiming and Lin Qinghe be up to something again?

For the past two days, Shi Qian went for an audition with Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan chose a role for her.

It was a heavyweight IP drama, a fantasy masterpiece.

The role Shi Qian played could not even be considered the second female lead.

The character in the drama was an Immortal Venerable. In order to save the common people, she used half of her divine power to seal the ancient ferocious beast. As she only had half of her divine power left, her body was especially weak. She had a tragic image of being beautiful and strong.

In the early stages, she raised and taught the female lead. Later on, in order to save the female lead, she self-destructed her primordial spirit.

When Shi Qian received the script, she was stunned.

“Sister Yan, isn’t this role too empty? I feel that I’m the only beauty in this drama. My character is barely involved in the main plot.”

Xiao Yan was speechless.

Actually, that was the truth.

She placed a hand on Shi Qian’s shoulder. “Qian Qian, you have to understand my difficulties. If you get a chance to act, don’t be choosy.”

She had received more than one invitation, but President Fu had high standards.

There could be no kissing scenes. There could be no relationship scenes. Those two requirements alone had shut out more than ninety percent of the scripts.

Shi Qian also knew that the reason she had received such a script was definitely because of Fu Sinian.

“Sister Yan, this character has to be more developed, right? Am 1 the only female lead? Wouldn’t it be better to add a little emotional drama? Why should 1 sacrifice myself? There are so many people. Why should I seal my power? There has to be a reason, right?” Shi Qian made her request.

“How about this? I’ll communicate with the editor and see if 1 can make the character more developed.” Xiao Yan also felt that she had to make some adjustments.

“Okay! Sister Yan, just go and negotiate. You don’t have to think about Sinian. Leave him to me.”

“Okay!” Xiao Yan immediately felt confident. “The director is very satisfied with the audition results this time. Other than you, no one can handle such a role.” “Just say it. It’s the role of a flower vase.”

“Being beautiful is also an advantage! Besides, this advantage is given by the heavens. No one else can get it easily even if they want it.”

Shi Qian was speechless.

As she was talking to Xiao Yan, Shi Qian’s phone rang.

It was Fu Sinian. She answered immediately.

“How was the audition?” Fu Sinian’s voice came from the phone.

“There’s no problem with the audition. I’ve also received the script. I’ll be joining the production team when the production team informs me,” Shi Qian replied softly..