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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 664 - Chapter 664: Must Find Lin Qinghe

Chapter 664: Must Find Lin Qinghe

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Wow, this bag looks good too!”

“The one just now is suitable for commuting. This one is more suitable for dates.”

“I realized that Shi Qian is just like her voice. She’s a shapeshifter. I’m really looking forward to her receiving film and television roles as soon as possible. 1 heard that her acting skills are also very good!”

“Of course. She’s a professional actress!”

Lin Qinghe stood in the dark and listened to these people discussing Shi Qian.

She did not know why these people liked Shi Qian so much!

Did people who chased celebrities not have brains?

Was Shi Qian that good?

Suddenly, Lin Qinghe felt her shoulders sink and looked back.

A strange man patted her shoulder.

“Who are you!”

“Miss Lin, President Su asked me to take you somewhere else,” the man said in a low voice.

When Lin Qinghe heard that it was Su Ruoqing who had arranged it, she immediately left with him.

Dong Zi and his men searched everywhere, but they did not find Lin Qinghe.

He immediately went to report to Shi Qian.

“You can’t find her? Did she leave?” Xiao Yan guessed.

“No, with my understanding of Lin Qinghe, it’s impossible for her to leave. Besides, she’s been hiding for a long time and I haven’t been able to find any news of her. She must be up to no good if she suddenly appeared today.”

“Young Madam, then I’ll check the surveillance cameras and find out where Lin Qinghe went. I can also confirm if she left,” Dong Zi suggested.

“Ok,” Shi Qian nodded.

Shi Qian appeared in another modeling look. Song Yan also went to the backstage lounge.

“Qian Qian, did you really see Lin Qinghe?” Song Yan asked anxiously.

“I did. 1 just haven’t found her yet.”

“Why is she here?” Song Yan was also guessing Lin Qinghe’s intentions.

“Only she knows what she’s going to do.”

Xiao Yan looked at the time and suggested, “Qian Qian, this is the last round. After the show, there will be a small cocktail party. Why don’t we skip the small cocktail party and leave first?”

“Lin Qinghe is targeting me. There are so many media outlets today. If she wants to cause trouble, she can get her way with me around. Now, the only way to resolve all the trouble is to find her and control her.”

Xiao Yan nodded. Shi Qian was right.

However, the place was only so big. It was impossible for Lin Qinghe to have disappeared into thin air, right?

Lin Qinghe was in the lounge next to Shi Qian.

No one had expected her to hide backstage.

This was arranged by Su Ruoqing.

This was because Su Ruoqing had discovered through the surveillance cameras that Shi Qian had asked someone to look for Lin Qinghe.

If she hadn’t arranged for someone to bring Lin Qinghe here, this fool would have been found by Shi Qian’s people.

When Su Ruoqing knew that Shi Qian would take on this endorsement and participate in this event, she had already begun to make preparations. She did not allow any mistakes at this critical moment!

Dong Zi was not back yet. It was time for Shi Qian to go on stage.

Shi Qian had no choice but to follow the staff out.

After the show, she would not leave the stage. Instead, she took a photo with the brand and the models.

Then the lights lit up the entire venue.

The hostess was already on the stage with her glass.

At this moment, a figure suddenly rushed out from backstage and arrived in front of Shi Qian. He raised his hand and swung it at Shi Qian’s face!

Shi Qian raised her hand to block it. Lin Qinghe’s slap landed on her arm!

Lin Qinghe was now a pregnant woman. She could not have any physical contact with Lin Qinghe under the noses of so many people. Otherwise, she would not be able to explain any misunderstanding..