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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 663 - Chapter 663: Discovering Lin Qinghe

Chapter 663: Discovering Lin Qinghe

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

On the stage, the models were showing off the new products.

The magnesium lights below the stage kept flashing.

When it was her turn to go on stage, a staff member came to guide her. She didn’t have to worry about anything.

Shi Qian stepped onto the stage and headed for the spotlight.

A commotion immediately sounded below the stage. Everyone’s gazes were on Shi Qian.

She wasn’t the tallest among the models, but she could make people’s eyes glue to her.

She just had to stand there and she would be the protagonist.

“Shi Qian! Shi Qian!” Someone below the stage shouted uncontrollably.

“This is Shi Qian’s first endorsement! As Shi Qian’s fan, I have to rush over!”

“I like the one Shi Qian is carrying. I must buy the same model!”

Shi Qian showed off the bag in her hand and inadvertently looked down the stage. She suddenly froze at a spot.

Under the dim stage, she saw a familiar figure!

It was Lin Qinghe!

Xiao Yan realized that Shi Qian’s expression had changed and immediately reminded her.

Shi Qian immediately came back to her senses and smiled appropriately.

When she looked in that direction again, Lin Qinghe was already gone.

After modeling for this round, Shi Qian was asked to go down the stage by the staff.

Xiao Yan immediately walked over. “Qian Qian, what happened just now? You almost forgot about expression management.”

“I’m sorry, Sister Yan. It was my mistake.” Shi Qian immediately apologized.

“Did you see something? Why was there such a big reaction?”

“I saw someone.” Shi Qian pulled Xiao Yan towards the lounge and instructed Xiao Tao, “Xiao Tao, call Dong Zi in.”

When Xiao Yan heard that Shi Qian was going to call Dong Zi, her expression immediately turned solemn.

Dong Zi was someone President Fu had assigned to Shi Qian. Although he was a driver, he was actually a bodyguard. Apart from Dong Zi, there were two other people at the scene today.

“Qian Qian, do you need me to inform the organizers to upgrade the security?” Xiao Yan immediately asked.

“No need.” Shi Qian shook her head. “The person I just saw on stage is my half sister. She and I have a deep grudge. 1 don’t think it’s anything good that she’s here today.”

Xiao Yan did not know about the conflict between Shi Qian and Lin Qinghe, but as long as it was someone or something that could affect Shi Qian, it was closely related to her now. She became vigilant.

“Qian Qian, what are you going to do?”

“Let Dong Zi find her and control her first,” Shi Qian said in a low voice. “But be careful not to make any noise. The key is that she’s still pregnant.”

“I understand.” Xiao Yan nodded.

If this person really had ill intentions, it would be troublesome.

After Dong Zi arrived, Shi Qian sent Lin Qinghe’s photo to Dong Zi and asked him to immediately bring people to find Lin Qinghe.

“Don’t worry, Young Madam. I’ll go now.” Dong Zi quickly left.

Shi Qian immediately picked up her phone and sent Song Yan a message.

Song Yan immediately rushed over when he saw this message.

Lin Qinghe was hiding in the crowd like a dormant poisonous snake in No.i Middle School, ready to bite Shi Qian at any moment!

Shi Qian continued to sign the rest of the autographs as she waited for the news.

Before there was any news, the staff came over to remind her that it was her turn to go on stage again.

With Peach’s help, Shi Qian quickly changed and walked out.

The introduction of the product sounded on the stage. Shi Qian walked onto the stage with the narration..