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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 657 - Chapter 657: Investigate, You Must Investigate!

Chapter 657: Investigate, You Must Investigate!

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However, things did not go as she had expected.

Su Youwei had ambitions when she approached Lin Shiming from the beginning.

But Lin Shiming seemed obsessed.

Therefore, she decided to hide what she had found out about Su Youwei. This was the cause of Lin Shiming’s actions. He had to taste the consequences himself in the future.

Lin Shiming sat in the car and stared blankly at the photos.

Waves of sorrow spread through his heart. Pain corroded it, almost suffocating him.

These photos were equivalent to killing someone.

Shi Qiuran actually did not take out these photos back then!

Lin Shiming could not understand why Shi Qiuran had hidden these photos. If she had taken them out back then, he would not have trusted Su Youwei so much!

He could also see Su Youwei’s true face!

He wanted to contact Shi Qiuran, but he gave up.

Why was he looking for Shi Qiuran?

Was he going to question her about why she had only sent him these photos after so many years?

Shi Qiuran’s actions were the greatest revenge for the current Lin Shiming!

Lin Shiming couldn’t take it anymore. The man in his fifties leaned on the steering wheel and cried bitterly!

He regretted it. He hated it!

He raised his hand and slapped himself a few times, but he was still not appeased!

After an unknown period of time, Lin Shiming calmed down.

He wanted to investigate!

He had to find out!

He wanted to see how much Su Youwei was hiding from him!

There was a file on Fu Sinian’s desk.

“President Fu, I’ve investigated everything you asked me to. After Su Youwei married Lin Shiming, although this didn’t involve her shares in Lin Shiming’s company, Lin Shiming gave her a lot of money. She used this money to invest in many companies. The companies and legal entities she invested in were all in Sun Hongli’s name.”

“Sun Hongli relied on Lin Shiming to make a name for himself. After Su Youwei went to jail, he openly challenged Lin Shiming. Sun Hongli contributed greatly to Lin Shiming’s current miserable state! From this information, I feel that Su Youwei and Sun Hongli’s relationship must be extraordinary. If they’re not related by blood, they’re lovers.”

Chen Song reported to Fu Sinian.

“Get these two to spit out all the money from Lin Shiming’s set,” Fu Sinian instructed in a low voice.

“President Fu, are you helping Lin Shiming?” Chen Song was more or less aware of Lin Shiming’s relationship with Shi Qian, which was why he was so surprised.

“I’m just helping Qian Qian and her mother get what they deserve,” Fu Sinian replied calmly.

“Got it!”

Suddenly, Chen Song’s phone rang.

Fu Sinian frowned at the familiar song and melody.

“This song is your phone’s incoming ringtone?” Fu Sinian asked in a low voice.

“That’s right, President Fu. It’s the song Madam sang that year, ‘When We Were Young’. This song is so popular now! It swept through all the major charts! Many people use it as a ringtone! Many people in our company are listening.” “Change!” Fu Sinian ordered in a low voice.

Why did he want to change it?

Madam’s song was so nice! He did not believe that President Fu did not like it!

However, Chen Song did not dare to disobey and immediately replied, “Alright, President Fu. I’ll change it immediately.”

However, he was not the only one in the company who used this ringtone.

“Is the meeting ready?” Fu Sinian asked.

“I’m ready.” Chen Song nodded immediately.

Fu Sinian got up and headed for the conference room.

The conference room was already filled with people. When they saw Fu Sinian arrive, their backs straightened with nervousness.

After Fu Sinian sat down, he put the phone aside.

Today was a debriefing session. The departments began to give their reports one by one.

Suddenly, a phone rang..