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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 656 - Chapter 656: A Late Revenge

Chapter 656: A Late Revenge

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It wasn’t that Lin Shiming didn’t want to investigate. He just didn’t dare.

He was afraid that this investigation would not only involve these things, but also something he could not accept or even want to face.

Suddenly, Lin Shiming’s phone rang. It was a friend request. The caller ID was Shi Qiuran.

His fingers trembled slightly.

Still, he accepted the invitation.

Su Youwei also read it. “Shiming, did Shi Qiuran add you? Why did she add you?”

Lin Shiming didn’t answer her. Instead, he looked down at his phone.

Shi Qiuran sent a few photos.

The photos were yellowed and looked very old, but the figures were clearly visible.

The person above was Su Youwei!

The other man was actually Sun Hongli!

Sun Hongli even hugged Su Youwei’s waist intimately.

Lin Shiming’s face darkened.

Su Youwei had no way of seeing what was on Lin Shiming’s phone. Just looking at Lin Shiming’s expression made her feel that it was not a good sign.

Lin Shiming opened another photo.

If the previous photo was just a coincidence and could not prove that Su

Youwei and Sun Hongli were having an affair with each other just by looking at the camera, the following photo was enough to prove it!

Sun Hongli and Su Youwei were kissing!

Behind the two of them was a stone statue of a park. Lin Shiming was very familiar with this park. This was where he met Su Youwei again!

There was still the scene in the photo. This made Lin Shiming’s mind buzz!

This was the time after Su Youwei was with him.

He did not believe that Su Youwei had an affair with Sun Hongli after being with him. It was because Su Youwei had known Sun Hongli before she was with him!

Su Youwei had introduced Sun Hongli to him.

He flipped to the photo below.

One of them was actually taken when Su Youwei was pregnant.

Sun Hongli accompanied Su Youwei for a prenatal examination!

Later, Su Youwei even brought Lin Qinghe on a date with Sun Hongli. The three of them were more like a family of three!

“Shiming,” Su Youwei called again.

Lin Shiming didn’t respond to her. His gaze was still fixed on the phone.

“Visiting time is over!” the staff reminded him.

Lin Shiming snapped out of his thoughts. He nodded to the staff and walked out without looking back.

“Shiming, Shiming!” Su Youwei called out anxiously.

Lin Shiming still disappeared from her sight without looking back.

Su Youwei panicked.

What did Shi Qiuran send Lin Shiming to make him react like this?

After Lin Shiming left, the expression on her face disappeared. Finally, she calmed down.

So what if Lin Shiming found out about her and Sun Hongli and realized that Qinghe was not his biological daughter?

Even if he wanted a divorce, she had a share of the assets! Lin Shiming had to give her another sum of money.

She didn’t lose out either!

Besides, Lin Shiming was not what he used to be. She had made a lot of money before. Perhaps after the divorce, her assets would be even more than Lin Shiming’s!

Thinking of this, Su Youwei chuckled.

Even if she reached the worst state, the years of hard work had been worth it.

After Shi Qiuran sent these photos, she put down her phone.

She had known from the beginning that Lin Shiming and Su Youwei were fooling around.

A dog had to eat shit. He couldn’t control it.

She had just not thought about getting a divorce at the time. She hoped that Lin Shiming was just playing around. In the end, she was willing to tolerate it as long as she could return to her family and give Qian Qian a complete family..