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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 655 - Chapter 655: Tears of Scum Who Knew the Truth

Chapter 655: Tears of Scum Who Knew the Truth

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In the past, Lin Shiming had only been immersed in Su Youwei’s gentleness and trusted her unconditionally. Now, once he began to doubt her, the more he looked at Su Youwei, the more he felt like a fool!

All these years, he had been controlled by Su Youwei and played by her.

If it was really as Shi Qian had said, and he had achieved nothing, would Su Youwei be with him?

Seeing that Lin Shiming was silent again, Su Youwei panicked.

“Shiming, you have to believe me. 1 really didn’t do those things. Did Shi Qiuran and Shi Qian say something to you? You know how prejudiced and hateful they are towards me,” Su Youwei tried to explain.

“I can investigate everything that happened back then as long as I want to. Su Youwei, can you really survive my investigation?” Lin Shiming suddenly asked.

These words made Su Youwei’s face turn pale.

Her lips moved, but no sound came out.

Seeing Su Youwei’s reaction, Lin Shiming already knew the answer.

“I was already about to divorce Shi Qiuran. You could marry me right away. Why did you kidnap Shi Qian and threaten her?” Lin Shiming questioned angrily.

“Shiming, let me explain. I was just too angry at that time. She publicized our matter and caused you to embarrass yourself in public and become the laughing stock of Cloud City. I don’t want her to take away your hard-earned assets! I’m doing this for your sake.” Su Youwei pushed all the blame to Lin Shiming.

“You’re thinking of me? Back then, you said that as long as you were with me, you didn’t care for any status and just wanted to be with me. Were those words true?”

“Of course it’s true!” Su Youwei retorted loudly. “Why am I here? If not for your career, would I have taken that step?”

If Su Youwei had not suddenly mentioned this, Lin Shiming would not have remembered.

Old Master Fu said that he had been helping him behind his back. In other words, even if Su Youwei hadn’t taken this step back then, he would have been able to get that project.

Su Youwei was not the only one involved in this matter. Sun Hongli was also involved!

At the mention of Sun Hongli, Lin Shiming gritted his teeth in hatred.

This dog had followed him for so many years, but in the end, it had bitten him the most!

His company could barely continue operating now because of Sun Hongli! Sun Hongli was now living very comfortably and gaining both fame and fortune!

Now that he thought about it, the person who benefited the most from that project was not him, but Sun Hongli!

Lin Shiming’s gaze suddenly sharpened.

Su Youwei’s scalp tingled under his gaze.

Did Lin Shiming know something?

Her matter really couldn’t survive an investigation.

Lin Shiming had trusted her unconditionally in the past. He definitely wouldn’t have investigated her. Things were different now.

“Shiming, I love you so much. Everything I do is for your benefit. I threatened Shi Qiuran, but I never thought of hurting Shi Qian. I just wanted to scare Shi Qiuran. I don’t have any other thoughts.” Su Youwei carefully studied Lin Shiming’s expression.

“Did the Fu family put some pressure on you? Shiming, don’t be like this. You make my heart ache. I can’t help you much here now. I feel so useless.”

Lin Shiming looked at Su Youwei, the woman he had sincerely loved and doted on.

He thought that all his comfort came from her. He even thanked the heavens for reuniting with her and having her company.

Could he still trust her?