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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 643 - Chapter 643: Perform Well in Front of Mother-in-law

Chapter 643: Perform Well in Front of Mother-in-law

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The old master couldn’t help but smile. “If only Qian Qian was really pregnant.”

There was an unmistakable sense of loss in the words.

“Dad, Qian Qian is still young after all. She still has her studies and career to take care of. As long as she’s our daughter-in-law, will she have to worry about not having children?” Wen Lan comforted him softly.

The old master nodded. “You’re right.”

“I see that Sinian and Qian Qian’s relationship has been progressing well recently.”

“That’s right. Feelings are nurtured slowly. As long as the two of them live well, it’s best.”

“Don’t worry. 1 think their fate is predestined.”

The old master and Wen Lan were chatting outside. Not long after, they saw Fu Sinian’s car slowly driving over.

“I’m back. I’m back.”

Shi Qiuran sat in the backseat and saw Old Master and Wen Lan waiting at the door. She was touched again.

“Qian Qian, didn’t you tell Old A^aster and Sinian’s mother when we’ll arrive? How can we let them wait at the door?”

“I told Grandpa about the approximate time,” Shi Qian replied softly.

“Mom, it’s not Qian Qian’s fault.” Fu Sinian couldn’t bear for Shi Qian to be reprimanded and defended her.

As soon as the car stopped, Fu Sinian got out of the car first and opened the door for Shi Qian. After Shi Qian got out of the car, he turned and pulled open the door on Shi Qiuran’s side.

Wen Lan and the old master looked at each other and smiled.

“Not bad.” Wen Lan smiled and nodded.

“You’re finally doing good.” The old master had been worried that Fu Sinian’s face was tense every day and his mother-in-law wouldn’t like him.

Now it seemed that his worries were unnecessary.

Shi Qian helped Shi Qiuran over.

“Old Master and Wen Lan,” Shi Qiuran immediately greeted.

“Go in quickly,” Wen Lan replied warmly.

“You’re finally back! With Qian Qian’s mother here, my place will be lively in the future. Sinian, do you want to consider moving back?” The old master looked at Fu Sinian.

“I won’t consider it. Young people need privacy,” Fu Sinian refused directly.

The old master couldn’t be bothered to argue with him.

With Qian Qian’s mother around, Qian Qian would definitely come back often. It was fine as long as Qian Qian came back often.

The few of them walked into the courtyard.

Jin An brought up the rear and closed the door.

In the distance, there was a car parked. The person in the car took in the happy scene just now.

This person was Lin Shiming.

He was in a terrible fix because of Fu Sinian’s words.

If Fu Sinian asked him to split the assets, it was definitely not as simple as saying it casually.

Now, his company was completely out of business.

This was definitely Fu Sinian’s actions.

Therefore, he thought of the old master again and wanted to beg him.

In any case, the old master couldn’t kill him immediately, could he?

Unexpectedly, he saw this.

He was clearly the Lin family’s son. Even if the old master had to take care of the Lin family because of his father, he should be good to him. How could he be so good to Shi Qian and her mother?

It seemed that the crux of this matter was neither the Fu family nor Fu Sinian.

It was Shi Qiuran and Shi Qian.

The mother and daughter must have said all sorts of bad things about him in front of the Fu family to gain their sympathy.

The Fu family had made such a request to him.

He could not let Shi Qiuran succeed!

Didn’t Shi Qiuran treat money like dirt? She couldn’t bear to part with the Fu family, right?

Back then, she even pretended to be so aloof in front of him!

He had to do something to change Old Master Fu’s opinion of him!