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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 642 - Chapter 642: You Still Want to Leave Your Father Behind?

Chapter 642: You Still Want to Leave Your Father Behind?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Shi Qian was also stunned.

This time, Fu Sinian really didn’t seem to have provoked his grandfather.

“Grandpa, did Sinian make you angry?”

“Does he still have to provoke me? I get angry just looking at him!”

Fu Sinian pulled Shi Qian back to his side and hugged her waist. He shouted at Tuan Tuan, who was focused on feeding the chicks.

“Little fatty! Come here.”

Tuan Tuan immediately looked up in Fu Sinian’s direction and immediately ran over, pulling Shi Qian’s arm.

“Sister, come and see quickly. There are so many chicks. Tuan Tuan likes them so much!”

Fu Sinian pulled Shi Qian back and picked Tuan Tuan up.

“Since you’re angry at the sight of me, 1’11 leave you in a good mood.”

The old master immediately panicked. “Put Tuan Tuan down! Also, let Qian Qian go! If you want to leave, leave yourself!”

Shi Qian was also impressed by Fu Sinian.

Couldn’t he coax Grandpa?

Also, how could he just grab the back of Tuan Tuan’s clothes and pick him up!

She took Tuan Tuan from him. “I’m not leaving. If you want to leave, go by yourself.”

“Tuan Tuan wants to eat chicken thigh!” Tuan Tuan was unwilling to leave.

“Go, go. Why are you so free all day? Why aren’t you going to work?” The old master waved at Fu Sinian.

Fu Sinian was speechless.

“It’s the weekend! Why do I have to work?” he retorted.

“Have you ever experienced the weekends before?” the old master retorted.

Tuan Tuan looked at the old master and then at Fu Sinian. He reached out and tugged at the corner of the old master’s shirt.

“Great-grandpa, we can’t let Uncle Fu go. If he leaves, he won’t be able to have a baby with Sister. Tuan Tuan won’t have a wife!” Tuan Tuan said in a childish voice.

Fu Sinian was more or less relieved.

Qian Qian was not on his side. Luckily, the little fatty was still a little aware that there were some things that could not be done without him.

“Great-grandpa, in the future, when we have a baby, we won’t need him anymore.”

Fu Sinian was speechless.

Was he going to abandon the father for a child?

The old master was so happy that he couldn’t close his mouth. “Tuan Tuan is right. Great-grandpa agrees very much.”

“Uncle Fu, you can stay. Look at how impressive Tuan Tuan is, right? You don’t have to thank Tuan Tuan. This is what Tuan Tuan should do.”

“Thank you,” Fu Sinian said angrily.

He pulled Shi Qian into the house.

Tuan Tuan and the old master stayed where they were. One sat in a rocking chair and continued to rock while the other fed the chickens.

In the afternoon, Shi Qian received a call from the hospital.

After the joint confirmation of several experts, Shi Qiuran could be discharged Monday.

Shi Qian felt excited.

After hanging up the hospital’s call, Xiao Yan called again.

She told her that the second episode of Heavenly Feast had been scheduled to air at eight o’clock sharp next Monday.

These two things were good news for Shi Qian.

It was finally Monday. Shi Qian and Fu Sinian went to pick up Shi Qiuran.

The old master tidied up Shi Qiuran’s room at home and even sent the nurse who had taken care of Shi Qiuran back to the Fu family’s old residence.

The old master and Tuan Tuan stood at the door and waited.

“Old Master, you’re too anxious. There are still procedures to be done at the hospital. Young Master Fu and Young Madam won’t be back so soon.”

“It’s been so long. They should be back soon.”

Wen Lan also returned to the Fu family’s old residence.

She parked the car and walked toward the old master.

“Why is Tuan Tuan here?”

“Grandma!” Tuan Tuan immediately ran towards Wen Lan.

Wen Lan picked Tuan Tuan up. “Who sent you here?”

“I came with Uncle Fu and Sister Qian Qian.”

“This is the little supervisor Rong Zhan and Gu Xi left behind to let Sinian and Qian Qian have children. 1’11 also let the two of them intern in advance.”

“Qian Qian is pregnant?” Wen Lan asked in surprise..