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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 626 - Chapter 626: They All Want to Take Advantage of Big Boss Fu

Chapter 626: They All Want to Take Advantage of Big Boss Fu

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Who asked him to eat so fat?” Rong Zhan pulled Tuan Tuan out of the car window and hugged him.

Tuan Tuan’s little face was filled with dissatisfaction!

“I’m not fat. I’m just too adorable!”

“Yes. You’re so adorable that you expanded.” Rong Zhan did not give his son any face at all.

Suddenly, in the distance, there was the sound of a car’s engine.

Rong Zhan looked at the license plate and immediately handed Tuan Tuan to Gu Xi.

Fu Sinian had already called Shi Qian and told her that a guest would be coming. He had expected Rong Zhan to be in the garage.

He opened the car door and got out. He walked towards Rong Zhan.

Tuan Tuan wringed his chubby white hands and sized up Fu Sinian.

“Mommy, who is this uncle? Tuan Tuan has never seen him before.”

“This is Uncle Fu. Call him Uncle Fu.” Gu Xi carried Tuan Tuan and walked over.

When Tuan Tuan, who had always been friendly, saw Fu Sinian, he didn’t dare to speak. His eyes were also a little timid.

When Rong Zhan saw his son like this, he was immediately amused. “So there’s someone you’re afraid of!”

“Mommy.” Tuan Tuan immediately hugged Gu Xi’s neck and turned his face to the other side. “Let’s go home. We’ll go find Third Uncle. I’m sleepy and 1 miss my little shark.”

Fu Sinian glanced down at the little fatty.

He looked chubby and quite likable.

Still, the little fatty didn’t like him very much.

“Doesn’t Tuan Tuan want to see Pretty Sister? Uncle has a Pretty Sister at home.”

“Pretty Sister? Then I’m not sleepy anymore!” Tuan Tuan immediately perked up.

“Let’s go. Qian Qian is waiting.” Fu Sinian led the way.

Rong Zhan carried Tuan Tuan in one hand and followed Fu Sinian with the vegetables in the other.

Shi Qian received Fu Sinian’s call and was extremely nervous when she found out that Rong Qi’s second brother’s family was coming.

She was familiar with Rong Qi, but she had never seen Rong Qi’s second brother.

Suddenly, there were footsteps outside. Shi Qian immediately took a deep breath.

The door opened and a fat little boy rushed in.

Shi Qian was shocked.

Tuan Tuan glanced at Shi Qian and immediately opened his hands and pounced on her.

“Pretty Sister!”

Shi Qian caught the ball. Before she could react, the little guy was clinging to her arm.


Shi Qian could not bear to refuse and picked up the chubby baby.

He happily kissed Shi Qian’s cheek.

“Pretty Sister smells good.”

Shi Qian felt that when this little fellow kissed her, not only did his little mouth touch her cheek, but even the flesh on his face was close to hers.

It was tender and bouncy, like jelly.

This was too cute!

In particular, although this little fellow was chubby, he still looked delicate. Her big eyes were like two grapes that were suffused with clear light. His eyelashes were thick and long, and he was extremely cute!

“Qian Qian, where are the slippers?” Fu Sinian asked deliberately.

Shi Qian carried Tuan Tuan to the door. “The slippers are in the shoe cabinet.”

“I’ll do it.” Fu Sinian opened the shoe cabinet.

The atmosphere between the two of them was like that of an ordinary couple. This atmosphere was what Fu Sinian wanted.

After changing his shoes, Fu Sinian led her into the living room.

Tuan Tuan hung on Shi Qian like a pendant.

“Qian Qian, let me introduce you. This is Rong Zhan, Rong Qi’s second brother. This is Gu Xi, Rong Zhan’s wife.”

“This is my wife, Shi Qian.”

Shi Qian blushed slightly as she listened to Fu Sinian’s introduction.

“Qian Qian, I’ve heard Rong Qi talk about you. Just call us Third Brother and Second Brother.”

Fu Sinian frowned.. Why? Did they all want to take advantage of Qian Qian because she was young?