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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 612 - Chapter 612: Big Boss Fu Obliges

Chapter 612: Big Boss Fu Obliges

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Fu Sinian suddenly lowered his head, took Shi Qian’s spoon, and ate the spoonful of dessert.


Su Ruoqing froze in place.


That was absolutely impossible.

Fu Sinian was so picky. How could he eat such sweet things!

There was a layer of cream on it!

Fu Sinian hated these things the most.

Shi Qian turned around and sized up Su Ruoqing.

She didn’t deny that when she saw Su Ruoqing’s incredulous expression, she felt a little good!

She couldn’t do anything to Su Ruoqing, but as long as she was close to Fu Sinian, it would be worse than killing Su Ruoqing!

“Miss Su, how do you know Sinian doesn’t eat dessert? He quite likes it. Don’t you, Sinian?” Shi Qian turned to look at Fu Sinian and even gave him a sweet smile.

Fu Sinian didn’t react to the change.

Then another spoonful of dessert was handed to him.

“Take another bite,” Shi Qian said delicately.

She knew that even if Fu Sinian didn’t like it and didn’t want to eat it anymore, he would eat it without hesitation because she wheedled.

The truth was as she had expected. Fu Sinian took another bite.

Su Ruoqing saw everything clearly!

Fu Sinian finished this mouthful. In order to prevent Shi Qian from feeding him again, he took the spoon from her and fed it to her mouth.

With this spoon, he stuffed the rest of the desert into Shi Qian’s mouth.

Shi Qian’s small mouth couldn’t hold it in anymore. The cream spilled out from her lips.

This scene felt familiar to Fu Sinian.

The milky cream on her cherry-red lips made images appear in his mind. His Adam’s apple bobbed involuntarily.

Shi Qian was about to wipe the cream from the corner of her mouth with a tissue.

Fu Sinian suddenly leaned toward her and kissed her lips!

Shi Qian’s eyes widened.

This action made Su Ruoqing and Song Yan’s eyes widen!

Shi Qian wanted to dodge, but in the next second, a large hand grabbed the back of her head. Not only did she not dodge, but she even faced him!

Fu Sinian ate all the cream from her lips before letting go of her.

Shi Qian was stunned. She sat there stiffly.

Su Ruoqing was trembling.

It had taken all her upbringing not to lose control.

Song Yan felt like a fishbone was stuck in his throat.

“I’m sorry, Qian Qian and 1 often eat cake like this at home and don’t pay attention to the occasion. We’ll be careful next time,” Fu Sinian explained casually.

With that, he raised the glass of red wine in front of him at Song Yan.

Song Yan raised his glass numbly.

“Song Yan, Qian Qian and I asked you out for a meal today to express our gratitude to you. Thank you for developing such a good medicine, and thank you for taking the trouble to introduce the medicine to the Capital Hospital.”

Song Yan wanted to say something too, but his mouth felt dry and his chest felt stuffy. In the end, he didn’t say a word. He raised his glass and drank it all.

Fu Sinian also picked up his glass and drank every drop.

Su Ruoqing was much more obedient than before. How could she care about anything else now? She had been comforting her emotions. It was enough for her to be busy.

“Let me toast President Su too.” Shi Qian suddenly picked up her glass and said to Su Ruoqing.

When her name was called, Su Ruoqing looked up and forced a smile. She also picked up the glass in front of her.

“I heard from Song Yan that President Su spent a lot of effort on this matter. With President Su’s help, this matter went so smoothly,” Shi Qian said gently..