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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 602 - Chapter 602: Big Boss Fu Can Be Called a Model Husband

Chapter 602: Big Boss Fu Can Be Called a Model Husband

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Auntie, Qian Qian actually doesn’t like Fu Sinian. Fu Sinian has been pestering her.”


“Who told you that Qian Qian doesn’t like Sinian? Did Qian Qian tell you herself?”

“No, but still.” Song Yan shook his head.

“I don’t know how long my body can last, so my greatest wish is for Qian Qian to find a good home. Now, my wish is fulfilled.”

“Are you really that assured that Qian Qian will marry Fu Sinian?” Song Yan couldn’t help but ask.

If Shi Qian’s mother liked Fu Sinian so much, what chance did he have?

“Song Yan, when a girl gets married, it doesn’t just depend on whether this man can give her a happy life. It also depends on the man’s family. The Fu family dotes on Qian Qian very much, and they’re even more considerate than me, her mother. I’m very relieved that Qian Qian married Sinian.”


Song Yan was speechless.

He couldn’t guarantee how much his parents would love Shi Qian.

At this moment, he suddenly understood why Shi Qian’s mother had said these things to him.

It meant that he should stop pestering Shi Qian.

Shi Qian already had Fu Sinian and the Fu family.

“Song Yan, you’re so outstanding. You’ll definitely meet the girl who belongs to you,” Shi Qiuran said again.

“Auntie, don’t worry. If Qian Qian is really happy, 1 definitely won’t disturb her happy life! My original intention is to make her happy,” Song Yan promised softly.

Shi Qiuran felt that Song Yan still had not let go.

It was useless for her to persuade him.

“Auntie, rest well. 1 still have something on. I’ll take my leave first.” With that, Song Yan stood up and left.

After leaving the ward, he didn’t leave. Instead, he pushed open the door and went out to the small garden. He sat on the bench.

He was really tired. He hadn’t slept well in days.

He couldn’t find Lin Qinghe and was lost. He didn’t even have the courage to see Shi Qian.

He said he would take care of this, but this was the outcome.

After Shi Qian finished recording the show, she went to buy some fruits and flowers to see her mother at the hospital.

She received a call from the hospital. Her mother could accept visitors now.

At the same time, Fu Sinian walked out of the conference room.

He paused everything that had yet to be discussed.

“Has Qian Qian finished recording the show?”

“Yes, but the bodyguard said Madam went straight to the hospital.”

Fu Sinian immediately closed his computer. “When did this happen?”

“Just half an hour ago.”

“Qian Qian will go over from a further distance. If we go to the hospital now, we’ll arrive at about the same time as her.” With that, Fu Sinian stood up and walked out.

Chen Song immediately followed.

Was President Fu trying to fight for the honorary title of a model husband?

Madam’s matters always came first.

Shi Qian arrived at the hospital and headed for the ward. Suddenly, she looked through the glass window into the small garden. Sitting there was a familiar figure.

Wasn’t that Song Yan?

Why was he here?

Shi Qian placed the things on a chair by the wall and headed for the small garden outside.

She saw Song Yan’s head lowered. He seemed to be asleep.

Moreover, Song Yan’s hair was a little messy, and his clothes were wrinkled. He looked a little disheveled.

She slowly walked forward and was about to call out to Song Yan.

Song Yan’s body suddenly fell forward. Shi Qian subconsciously reached out to catch him.

Song Yan bumped into her arms and instantly woke up!