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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 600 - Chapter 600: Shi Qian Was Really Awesome

Chapter 600: Shi Qian Was Really Awesome

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Please don’t cry if you fall. Someone will gently tell you it’s okay. Please don’t be sad when it rains. The sun will break through the dark clouds and shine on the ground. We all have been seventeen years old. The joy of being seventeen…” A voice like a clear spring immediately pulled people back to a period of youth.


It was as if they could see piles of revision materials and endless test papers. They seemed to have heard the cicadas that summer and remembered their younger selves.

No one had heard the main melody before. No one had heard this song before. The melody was light and slow. The voice was like a small stream flowing down from the mountains. It was full of life and energy.

After the first experience, the audience began to press the buttons when they heard the second sentence.

This was a feast of sound!

“It’s so beautiful! My ears are pregnant!”

“Which contestant is this? 1 don’t remember hearing such a sound in the first episode?”

“It’s already at 80% support! We’ll be able to see this contestant’s true appearance later!”

When Shi Qian finished singing, there was silence again.

The scene reminded her of the first episode.

She immediately felt nervous. It couldn’t be that she hadn’t advanced!

“Dear viewers, a pass rate of ninety-six percent! Has Contestant Number Nineteen’s song moved you? Do you want to know who Contestant Number Nineteen is? Watch an advertisement first. It will be revealed in fifteen seconds!”

When Shi Qian heard the host’s voice, she couldn’t help but smile and secretly heave a sigh of relief.

A pass rate of ninety-six percent. This result was really unexpected. She didn’t even dare imagine such a result.

Several directors below the stage sighed.

“When God opened this door for Shi Qian, did he close a window for her?”

“God must have forgotten to close a window.”

“Director Xiang’s decision was too right. Getting Shi Qian to stay will guarantee our show’s viewership ratings!”

“Fortunately, our show has been saved. Otherwise, it would really be ruined because of some rat feces!”

The audience below the stage was also anxious.

At this moment, they actually stopped to rest. Unlike the audience in front of the television, they were not waiting for a fifteen-second advertisement. This rest would take at least fifteen minutes!

“Do you think contestant No. 19 is Shi Qian?”

“No way? Does Shi Qian know how to sing?”

“I don’t think so. There’s no news online that Shi Qian can sing.”

“Maybe she’s some dark horse contestant.”

“I wonder what Shi Qian will perform this time.”

“At the comic convention, Shi Qian was really awesome!”

“I love this girl so much! I admit that when I saw Shi Qian, 1 was attracted to her like a mosquito!”

“The Internet says that Shi Qian has more female fans than men. It’s true!” “Who said girls can’t like beautiful girls! Shi Qian is so beautiful!” Finally, they survived the fifteen-minute rest.

The recording conitnued.

“Contestant number nineteen, please open the door!”

There were suddenly two puffs of smoke in front of the door. It opened slowly.

Shi Qian came out in a small black dress and she was carrying a guitar.

She had a high ponytail and a big bow. She looked youthful.

“Shi Qian! It’s Shi Qian!”

“Oh my God!”

“Qian Qian!” The audience couldn’t help but shout..