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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 593 - Chapter 593:1 Can’t Do This Alone

Chapter 593:1 Can’t Do This Alone

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“It takes two to tango. If he hadn’t said something unpleasant, how could you have lost control of your emotions? So he’s still responsible! Think about it. He dared not see you for two days this time, but what about the next time? Does he dare to stay away for twenty days? You can’t forgive him so easily, understand? Listen to Grandpa.”


Without Fu Sinian by her side these past two days, Shi Qian had clearly been very relaxed!

How could she make Fu Sinian leave her for twenty days?

How could she argue like this? She was willing to learn!

The old master did not know what Shi Qian was thinking and continued to persuade her. “I have a way to deal with him. Do you want to learn it?”

“What way?” Shi Qian asked quickly.

“Don’t let him into the room tonight.”

“Can I stop him?” Shi Qian had no confidence in this.

“Don’t worry. Grandpa is here. Grandpa will help you.”

“Yes!” Shi Qian nodded immediately.

“We have to teach him a lesson!”

Shi Qian didn’t want Fu Sinian to remember his mistake. She just didn’t want him to enter her room.

Fu Sinian went upstairs to take a shower and change his clothes. The living room was still empty.

He turned and headed for the backyard.

The old master was still teaching Shi Qian how to photograph lotus flowers.

“A little further down. Oh, that’s it. There’s the composition. Okay, when the wind blows, we can photograph the lotus flower feeling a little crooked, like a young girl nodding shyly.”

Shi Qian understood a concept and waited quietly for the breeze.

Fu Sinian saw a bamboo pole fishing at the side, picked it up, and reached for the lotus flower.

“What are you doing?” the old master shouted.

Fu Sinian poked the lotus with a bamboo pole, and it immediately swayed back and forth.

“Isn’t it starting to shake? Take it.”

Shi Qian was speechless.

The old master was speechless.

The grandfather and granddaughter were stunned by Fu Sinian’s actions.

“Don’t cause trouble! We’re filming the feeling of lotus flowers being blown by a breeze. What’s this? It moves so stiffly! How can it look good on camera?” The old master complained.

Fu Sinian walked forward and looked at the lotus in the camera. He pressed the shutter a few times!

“Don’t move! Do you know how to take photos?”

Fu Sinian skillfully opened the photos he had just taken.

They saw that the lotus flowers were still swaying in the photos. Every flower taken was tilted. It was the kind of artistic conception the old master wanted.

The old master opened his mouth, unable to find a reason to retort.

“The lotus flowers have been taken. It’s time to rest,” Fu Sinian urged the old master.

“Who said we only shoot lotus flowers? We have other things to shoot. Go do what you have to do. Don’t get in the way here.”

“Okay,” Fu Sinian agreed readily. Unexpectedly, he turned and picked up Shi Qian, who had never made a sound.

Shi Qian was shocked and fell into Fu Sinian’s arms without warning.

“Qian Qian, did you hear that? Let’s go do what we have to do. Don’t disturb Grandpa,” Fu Sinian said to Shi Qian with a smile.

“Fu Sinian, put Qian Qian down. I’m talking about what you should do. Why are you carrying Qian Qian!”

“I can’t do what I should do alone. There have to be two people,” Fu Sinian said without any shame.

With that, he strode away with Shi Qian in his arms.

Shi Qian’s face was so red that it was almost bleeding!

How could Fu Sinian say such a thing in front of his elders!

The old master stomped his feet in anger as he watched Fu Sinian leave with Shi Qian in his arms.

He pointed at Fu Sinian’s retreating back and couldn’t help but say, “Shameless, too shameless!”