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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 589 - Chapter 589: Who’s Slandering My Wife!

Chapter 589: Who’s Slandering My Wife!

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He wanted excitement. Su Youwei happened to be able to satisfy him. In addition, Su Youwei was once his moonlight. As long as he saw Su Youwei, his heart would stir.


Later, it developed to the point that he could not leave Su Youwei at all. Moreover, Su Youwei was pregnant with Lin Qinghe and did not want her status. She only wanted to be by his side. How could he not be tempted?

If not for the old master, Lin Shiming might have moved on long ago. It was impossible for him to let her stay.

He would even use the same retort as before.

But today, with Old Master Fu around, he did not dare to retort.

Shi Qian was telling the truth. He suddenly felt that he was really the kind of person Shi Qian was talking about.

Lin Shiming remained silent. Lin Qinghe was extremely anxious.

“Sister, my mother really didn’t want to hurt you and your mother,” Lin Qinghe said weakly.

She had captured the hearts of countless people with this innocent face.

Shi Qian took a deep breath and looked at Lin Qinghe. “You really disgust me! Do you mean that your mother doesn’t want to destroy my family and just wants to join us? Your mother is shameless and wants a family like my mother! You came knocking on my door and Su Youwei was already showing off to my mother. It would be an act of cowardice if my mother didn’t get a divorce!”

“It’s just that my mother underestimated your shamelessness! Lin Shiming, you were afraid that a divorce would damage your reputation and affect your career. You even did everything you could to not divorce my mother! If my mother hadn’t planned the adultery and made your scandal with Su Youwei public, how far would you have pushed my mother?”

“Even after your scandal is announced, you can still be shameless enough to use me to threaten my mother and make her leave with nothing! Lin Shiming, did you really want to raise me? You’re using me to manipulate my mother! You want my mother to give up fighting with you for assets! You don’t know that my mother is extremely disgusted by you. She never thought of taking a single cent from you!”

“No, Sister. Dad was really fighting for your custody because he wanted to raise you!” Lin Qinghe still refused to give up and was still arguing with Shi Qian.

Slap! Old Master Fu slapped the table.

Lin Qinghe was shocked and did not dare to speak again.

“Enough!” The old master shouted angrily and looked at Lin Qinghe.

Lin Qinghe’s shoulders trembled uncontrollably.

“Get out!” The old master chased her away coldly.

Lin Qinghe felt humiliated. Not only did she not go out, but she also walked in front of the old master and deliberately revealed her bulging stomach.

“Do you really think Shi Qian is innocent? She scolded my mother and me while she did something herself. Do you know what happened?”

“What did she do?” The old master glanced at Lin Qinghe disdainfully.

“I’m pregnant with Song Yan’s child. Shi Qian and Song Yan were entangled and ruined my relationship with Song Yan. Isn’t she a mistress?” Lin Qinghe questioned loudly.

“Lin Qinghe, you’re really shameless!” Shi Qian was as disgusted as if she had eaten a fly.

“Do you have feelings for Song Yan? How did my wife ruin it?” A voice suddenly sounded.

Then Fu Sinian walked in.

Shi Qian and the old master looked at him.

Fu Sinian walked to Shi Qian’s side and sat directly in her seat. He reached out and pulled Shi Qian into his arms.

Before Shi Qian could react, she was in Fu Sinian’s arms.

One of his hands was wrapped around her waist and his hot chest was pressed against her back. She instantly felt the temperature in the room rise several degrees..