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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 587 - Chapter 587: This Slap Was Especially Loud

Chapter 587: This Slap Was Especially Loud

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

When Wang Changjin heard this, he became even more agitated. “If Young Master Fu and Young Madam come, I’ll naturally hold a family banquet and treat you well. If Old Master didn’t insist today, 1 wouldn’t have let anyone come to the front yard for a meal no matter what!”


Lin Qinghe and Lin Shiming were stunned when they heard these words.

The old master deliberately said that. He simply slapped the father and daughter on the spot especially loudly.

The meaning was obvious. What was Shi Qian’s status now? Could she be like them?

“It’s not that 1 don’t want you to entertain me. There are outsiders this time,” the old master said again.

The outsiders were naturally referring to Lin Shiming and Lin Qinghe.

“You promised that you would come. You can’t go back on your word.” Wang Changjin was afraid that the old master was just saying it casually.

“Don’t worry, I’ll definitely come. I’ll definitely come!” The old master promised. “I’m old and don’t like to move. Qian Qian and Sinian have to come for me.”

Wang Changjin was relieved to hear the old master’s words.

“Enjoy your meal, then, Old Master. I’ll leave you to it.” With that, he left.

The old master glanced at Lin Shiming and Lin Qinghe. “Let’s eat.”

Only then did Lin Shiming and Lin Qinghe dare to move their chopsticks.

There were only three portions of soup for the four of them. It was obvious that Lin Qinghe’s portion was not prepared.

Lin Shiming felt embarrassed, let alone Lin Qinghe.

The meal was not as easy as Lin Shiming had expected. He had prepared a stomach full of words and dared not speak. When he was young, he had been most afraid of his father. He had been beaten at the drop of a hat. Therefore, he had developed the habit of only obeying his father on the surface and always sneaking around behind his back.

Now that he was sitting in front of Old Master Fu, he finally felt what true pressure was.

It was an aura so powerful that one did not dare to have any crooked thoughts.

Especially that sharp gaze that knew everything. It made people not dare to act rashly.

“Qian Qian, how’s the food today?” the old master asked Shi Qian kindly.

“As expected of a top private chef in the capital. The taste is unique.” Shi Qian couldn’t help but praise.

“I knew it. You would definitely like it.”

Only then did Lin Shiming understand. It was not that the old master valued him very much that he had booked the Wang family’s private kitchen. The reason was that Shi Qian might like it here.

It seemed that Shi Qian’s status in the old master’s heart could not be easily shaken.

During the meal, Shi Qian chatted with the old master. Lin Shiming could not interrupt. Lin Qinghe wanted to say something a few times, but Lin Shiming stopped her with a look.

She looked down, feeling wronged.

The old master was almost done eating when he suddenly looked up at Lin Shiming. “Your father and 1 were good friends back then. We had a life-and-death relationship. He was unwilling to stay in the capital and insisted on returning to Cloud City. 1 couldn’t keep him. After this separation, 1 didn’t expect to see him so few times.”

Lin Shiming quickly put down his chopsticks. “My father never told me that he still worked in the capital. If I had known that he was actually friends with you, 1 would have visited you often.”

“Your father is too stubborn. He’d rather break than bend. He’s also very stubborn. Even ten cows can’t change what he’s already decided on. Since he’s unwilling to stay in the capital, there’s nothing 1 can do. Everyone has their own choice,” the old master sighed again.

“My father is stubborn,” Lin Shiming agreed with a nod.

“I think you’re quite like your father in that regard. You’re even more stubborn than him in some things.” The old master’s tone was suddenly stern..