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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 581 - Chapter 581: Get Back Here and Apologize

Chapter 581: Get Back Here and Apologize

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

As soon as Shi Qian left, the old master opened the photo on his phone.


“How are they? Are these photos okay?” the old master asked Jin An.

“Of course. Your photography is professional. You even won the first prize of the photography competition!”

“That’s because Qian Qian is a beautiful model! I’ll send these photos to Fu Sinian now. I’ll see if he can still hold on! If he doesn’t come back and apologize to Qian Qian, this won’t be over!”

After the old master finished speaking, he processed it to make the photo look more textured. Only then did he send it to Fu Sinian in satisfaction.

Fu Sinian had just returned to his office from a meeting and was sitting at his desk. Chen Song immediately placed an iced Americano in front of him.

Fu Sinian was about to drink his coffee when he suddenly remembered that his phone had been ringing when he was in a meeting.

Could it be a message from Shi Qian?

There was a faint anticipation in his heart. The screen of his phone had not lit up. He put the phone back on the table and looked up at Chen Song.

“Is there anything else you need?”

“President Fu, it’s like this. 1 heard that there’s white roses in a rose manor overseas that are in bloom. That kind of white rose is rare in the world, and it represents the purest love. Do you want me to order some for you and give them to Madam?”

“How long will it take to get here?”

“Tonight,” Chen Song said affirmatively. “President Fu, please forgive me for acting first and reporting later. I think if President Fu knew about this kind of white rose, he would definitely buy it for Madam, so I immediately ordered 9,999 roses when I saw this news!”

“Make arrangements. Send it to the Fu family’s old residence at seven tonight.”

“Yes!” Chen Song nodded immediately.

“Go get a performance form and for me to sign.”

“Thank you, President Fu! However, sharing President Fu’s worries is my job. There’s no need for the performance form. I’ve already gotten a lot of performance forms in the past few months.” Chen Song was afraid of going to the finance department now.

As soon as he went over, a crowd would gather around him, wanting to learn from him.

The secret to his success was his wife.

Was that something he could say?

“You deserve it. If you do anything wrong, I’ll punish you. Go and prepare it.”

“Yes.” Chen Song immediately left.

Fu Sinian was alone in the office. Only then did he pick up his phone and unlock it.

When he saw that the message was from the old master, he was immediately disappointed.

How could he have thought that Shi Qian had taken the initiative to look for him?

Between him and Shi Qian, if he did not take the initiative, Shi Qian would never make a move.

She might also feel more comfortable without him.

Fu Sinian opened the messages the old master had sent and a photo appeared in front of him.

In the photo, the sun was shining brightly on Shi Qian’s face. She was wearing a blue floral dress. She looked fresh and youthful.

She was wearing a straw hat and watering to the vegetable garden.

This photo was like a blockbuster film poster that had been specially taken.

He couldn’t resist flipping to the next one.

The photo was so clear that the water droplets could be seen clearly. Shi Qian’s body was blocked by the water droplets, making her look hazy and beautiful.

At this moment, Fu Sinian had to admit that the photography competition the old master had won back then was a little impressive.

He couldn’t help but scroll again. Shi Qian’s body tilted and she was about to fall!

In the next photo, she did fall!

Water from the hose spilled into the sky, forming a rainbow. She sat under it. Instead of looking disheveled, she looked indescribably cute..