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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 580 - Chapter 580: Can’t Let Shi Qian Have All the Benefits

Chapter 580: Can’t Let Shi Qian Have All the Benefits

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“Dad, back then, Madam Fu came to our house to ask me to marry Fu Sinian. In the end, Mom’s heart ached for me and she didn’t agree. Madam Fu must be a little unhappy. No matter what, Mom didn’t do well. She rejected her marriage proposal and let Sister marry over. It’s as if she casually brushed her off. The key is that Dad doesn’t even know about this. If I’m around, I can apologize to the Fu family on Mom’s behalf. This way, Dad won’t have to be too embarrassed when facing the Fu family.” Lin Qinghe explained her intentions gently.


Lin Shiming nodded immediately. “Qinghe is so thoughtful.”

“Also, I’m worried that Sister will say bad things about you in front of the Fu family. If I’m by your side, I can also speak up for you.”

“You’re so obedient and sensible. When Old Master Fu sees you, he’ll definitely like you more.” Lin Shiming’s words were equivalent to agreeing to Lin Qinghe taking her to see Old Master Fu.

Lin Qinghe was secretly delighted.

They were both Grandpa’s granddaughters. Why should Shi Qian benefit alone!

Her goal for appearing tomorrow was to let the Fu family know that Shi Qian and Song Yan had an unclear relationship. She wanted Old Master Fu to know that Shi Qian was a fickle woman!

In the morning, Shi Qian woke up and had breakfast. She went to the orchard and vegetable garden to keep herself busy. She fed the chickens and ducks and picked some fresh vegetables.

This time, she was wearing a floral dress, a straw hat, and rain boots. She held a watering can and watered the garden.

She wore her hair in two braids. She looked youthful and stylish.

The old master looked at the busy figure in the vegetable garden, his eyes filled with love.

“Jin An, on the day Qian Qian returned, did Fu Sinian quarrel with Qian Qian?” the old master suddenly asked.

Jin An’s expression changed. “That day… that day…”

“Stop squeaking. I’m old, but I’m not stupid. If they hadn’t quarreled, why would Fu Sinian not come back? Look at how capable he is. If he has the guts, he shouldn’t come back!”

Jin An was speechless.

There was really nothing he could hide from the old master.

The old master took out his phone and took a photo of Shi Qian.

Shi Qian noticed the old master and turned around. Unexpectedly, she slipped and fell to the ground.

The old master was still filming and happened to capture this scene too.

Jin An quickly went to help Shi Qian.

The old master took the opportunity to take a few more photos.

When Shi Qian fell, the watering can in her hand fell out of her hand. Water sprayed into the air and fell on her. Under the sunlight, the spilled water formed a small rainbow above her head!

The old master captured this scene.

Jin An helped Shi Qian up. “Young Madam, does it hurt?”

“No, 1 just got some mud on me.” Shi Qian held out her hand. Both palms were muddy, as was her dress.

Water hit her face and wet her hair. It itched. She couldn’t help but reach out to move her hair to the side. Instead, the mud stuck to her face again. She was like a little dirty cat.

Jin An quickly turned off the water. The old master was still taking photos.

It would be a pity not to record such a scene.

“Grandpa, you took all my ugly photos!” Shi Qian pouted.

“You’re not ugly. I won’t let anyone who dares to say that my Qian Qian is ugly off! Go take a shower and change. Go out for a meal with your grandfather later. We have to dress formally to meet someone,” the old master instructed Shi Qian.

“Oh, okay.” Shi Qian nodded..