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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 578 - Chapter 578: Must Bring It On

Chapter 578: Must Bring It On

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Go to the Wang family and make a reservation. Then tell Lin Shiming I’ll see him tomorrow. Qian Qian is here. There’s no way I’ll let him into the old residence.”


“Okay, I’ll do it now.” Jin An immediately left.

The old master took a deep breath. Since Lin Shiming insisted on seeing him, he wanted to see him and educate him on behalf of his late old friend!

Lin Shiming stood outside the Fu family’s old residence with a pile of expensive gifts, thinking to himself.

Old Master Fu wouldn’t refuse to see him, right?

He had already come yesterday and did not see Old Master Fu. This morning, he came again. No matter what, he had to see Old Master Fu.

The door opened and Jin An walked out.

“Mr. Lin, it’s not convenient for the old master to see guests today. Go to this address at eleven-thirty tomorrow morning.” Jin An handed Lin Shiming a business card.

Lin Shiming immediately took it and nodded repeatedly. “Okay, okay! I’ll definitely prepare for the appointment tomorrow. I hope you can send my regards to the old master.”

With that, he turned around and gave all the things he had brought to Jin An. “These are some tonics 1 carefully prepared for Old Master. Please help me pass them to Old Master. It’s also my filial piety.”

“Mr. Lin, Old Master eats lightly. He has no use for these supplements. You should take them back.”

“These are not strong tonics. I specially prepared them. Sorry to trouble you!” With that, Lin Shiming quickly walked towards the car parked at the side.

Before Jin An could react, he started the car and left.

Jin An looked at the pile. It was tricky.

It would be strange if he didn’t get scolded by the old master if he mentioned it.

It was his fault for reacting too slowly.

However, he could not do whatever he wanted. Even if he was scolded, he had to mention it.

Sure enough, the old master’s face darkened when he saw these things.

He was about to speak when he saw Shi Qian walking over. He immediately suppressed what he wanted to say.

Shi Qian saw the things Jin An was carrying and asked gently, “Uncle Jin An, is there a guest?”

“It’s not a guest. He just wanted to visit me. Jin An didn’t check in time and the person left the items here,” the old master explained softly.

“Oh, I see. Grandpa, I’ve wiped those glass jars.”

“Let’s continue. We have to do everything well today. We have a lot to do.” The old master took Shi Qian’s hand and walked towards the backyard.

Lin Shiming and Lin Qinghe stayed in the same hotel, two rooms next to each other.

Lin Qinghe had been distracted since she saw Song Yan.

She hadn’t seen Lin Shiming much in the past two days. When she thought of Lin Shiming’s offer, she felt even more uneasy.

Coupled with Fu Sinian’s attitude towards Shi Qian, her heart was in a mess.

Suddenly, she heard a sound in the room beside her and immediately walked out.

Lin Shiming had just opened the door and was about to enter when Lin Qinghe came out.

“Dad,” she said gently.

She was like a small white flower that had been blown by a storm. Her soft appearance immediately made Lin Shiming’s heart ache.

After all, she was a child he had doted on and protected since she was young. It would be a lie if he said he did not love her.

“Come in.” Lin Shiming headed into the room.

Lin Qinghe immediately followed.

“How did your conversation with Song Yan go after Dad left that day?” Lin Shiming put down his suit and sat on the sofa looking at Lin Qinghe.

When he asked this, Lin Qinghe immediately burst into tears and threw herself into his arms, sobbing breathlessly..