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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 575 - Chapter 575: What Does Song Yan’s Matter Have to Do with You?

Chapter 575: What Does Song Yan’s Matter Have to Do with You?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lin Shiming walked out without even saying goodbye.


Only Lin Qinghe and Song Yan were left in the private room.

“Brother Song Yan, did you see everything just now? There’s already someone beside Sister. She’s Fu Sinian’s wife now. With such a perfect man by her side, how can she still be with you!”

“Lin Qinghe, let me say it again. Don’t call me Brother Song Yan! I don’t like you and it’s not because of Qian Qian! If you and your mother hadn’t lied to me, how could I have missed Qian Qian?”

Lin Qinghe’s heart felt like it had been cut by a knife.

From the day she returned to the Lin family, she had been very clear about her goal. She wanted to replace Shi Qian. She wanted to have everything Shi Qian had!

It was the same as when she was young, and it was the same now!

“I won’t agree to work with your father. At the moment, the project I’m developing has nothing to do with his assets! 1 definitely won’t marry you. Abort the child in your stomach and I’ll give you a sum of money as compensation.”

“How much are you prepared to give me? Song Yan, are you that heartless to me? How much can you use to buy a living life?”

“This life shouldn’t have appeared in this world at all! Lin Qinghe, I’ll give you three days to consider. Think carefully. If you give birth to this child, your life will be ruined! Is it worth it?” With that, Song Yan rushed out the door.

Lin Qinghe stroked her stomach and sat on the chair, shaking her head.

“Why, why exactly? Which part of me is inferior to Shi Qian!”

Fu Sinian drove along the road with soft piano music playing.

They hadn’t spoken since getting into the car.

“How did you know I was here?” Shi Qian asked softly.

“The people around you are all my people. Is there any difficulty in knowing your whereabouts?” Fu Sinian asked.

Before Shi Qian could react, he asked, “Did you go to Song Yan to seek justice?”

“Lin Shiming and Lin Qinghe are indeed targeting Song Yan. They must know that Song Yan’s research project can bring about huge benefits, so they borrowed the child in Lin Qinghe’s stomach to negotiate today.”

Fu Sinian’s anger burned brighter when he heard her say that.

She was clearly on Song Yan’s side. She was protecting Song Yan!

He had heard everything she had said to Song Yan in the room.

Song Yan couldn’t control his lower body and got Lin Qinghe pregnant, but she still helped Song Yan!

Just as Lin Qinghe had said, she still couldn’t let go of this childhood sweetheart!

“Lin Qinghe really likes Song Yan and wants to give the child in her stomach a status. It’s Song Yan who doesn’t want to take responsibility for the child.” Fu Sinian’s voice was a little cold.

“Song Yan and Lin Qinghe were schemed against by Lin Qinghe.” Shi Qian was still explaining. She wanted to explain this matter to Fu Sinian.

“How do you know who was schemed against? How can you speak for Song Yan like that!”

“Between Lin Qinghe and Song Yan, I definitely choose to believe in Song Yan! Do you mean that what Lin Qinghe said is true? Do you know Lin Qinghe? Do you know what kind of person she is? It’s true that I’m speaking up for Song Yan, but why are you speaking up for Lin Qinghe!” Shi Qian asked angrily.

Fu Sinian choked.

“I’m not speaking up for Lin Qinghe. I’m just asking you not to interfere in this matter! What has Song Yan’s matter got to do with you?” he explained softly..