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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 570 - Chapter 570: A Good Show

Chapter 570: A Good Show

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

She and her mother had schemed, but Shi Qian accidentally married Fu Sinian!


Back then, the Fu family wanted to leave a descendant for Fu Sinian, who was in a vegetative state. They didn’t like Shi Qian at all!

When Fu Sinian woke up, he would definitely be disgusted by Shi Qian.

Otherwise, why didn’t the Fu family announce that Shi Qian and Fu Sinian were already married?

Besides, Fu Sinian had never admitted his relationship with Shi Qian.

If a family like the Fu family admitted Shi Qian’s identity, how could they let Shi Qian enter the entertainment industry?

Therefore, after considering a few factors, she concluded that Shi Qian was not likable in the Fu family.

It was even possible that she had been kicked out of the Fu family.

The thought made her feel better again.

Shi Qian walked out of the elevator and a figure walked out of the other elevator.

They looked at each other.

“Qian Qian? Why are you here?” Song Yan was surprised.

“Didn’t Lin Shiming tell you he asked me over?” Shi Qian asked softly.

“No.” Song Yan shook his head.

As soon as the waiter saw someone coming, he came to greet her.

“May I know which private room you’re heading to?”

“Room V568.” Shi Qian gave him the room number.

“Please follow me!” The waiter led the way.

Shi Qian followed the waiter and Song Yan immediately chased after her.

Song Yan had only received Lin Shiming’s invitation this morning. Although he didn’t want to come, he still rushed over considering the relationship between the two families.

As soon as the waiter pushed the door open, Song Yan saw Lin Qinghe.

Lin Qinghe sat at the table and only her upper body was exposed. Iler slightly bulging stomach was covered by the table.

As soon as she saw Song Yan, she couldn’t help but stand up excitedly.

When Song Yan saw her slightly bulging stomach, his gaze changed drastically. It was not an exaggeration to say that his pupils were trembling!

“Your… your stomach…” Song Yan’s mind was buzzing. At this moment, all his thoughts seemed to have been ruthlessly dug out!

Lin Shiming stepped forward and patted Song Yan’s shoulder, pushing him forward.

Coincidentally, Lin Qinghe had already walked over. There was only a step between them.

Song Yan looked flustered and immediately looked at Shi Qian.

Shi Qian had put down her bag and sat on a chair.

It was as if she had known about this beforehand and was not surprised at all.

He opened his mouth to say something to Shi Qian, but as the words left his mouth, he felt that anything he said at this time would be useless.

Shi Qian poured herself a glass and took a sip.

The outcome was similar to what she had guessed. Otherwise, Song Yan wouldn’t have such an expression.

At this moment, Song Yan understood.

He knew why Lin Shiming asked Shi Qian over!

He felt as if his chest had been cut open with a knife!

The shame, the regret, the emotion he couldn’t put into words gathered in his chest. It made him want to disappear here immediately.

“Song Yan, I can understand you young people losing control of your emotions and doing something out of line, but you’re not willing to marry Qinghe after doing such a thing with her. I have to ask you for an explanation.” With that, Lin Shiming walked to the table and sat down.

Song Yan’s legs felt as heavy as lead.

“Qinghe, didn’t you tell me that you’ve already aborted the child?” Song Yan asked Lin Qinghe.

Lin Qinghe’s eyes immediately turned red as tears flowed silently.

“Dad, don’t be angry. This matter really has nothing to do with Brother Song Yan. 1 was the one who insisted on keeping this child!” She explained while crying..