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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 569 - Chapter 569: I’ll Go to the Meeting!

Chapter 569: I’ll Go to the Meeting!

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If he worked with Song Yan, a comeback was just around the corner!


This child was the key!

The key to controlling Song Yan.

Only by making Song Yan give up on Shi Qian would he be able to be with Qinhe.

At that time, Song Yan would be his son-in-law. He would definitely choose to work with him and keep the benefits to himself!

Shi Qian took a deep breath to calm herself.

“What exactly do you want me to do when you came to see me?”

“I’ll ask Song Yan out tomorrow. Come over too. There are some things that 1 have to make clear to Song Yan in person. You’re already married. Even if the other party’s background isn’t good, you’re not divorced after all. What’s the point of hanging onto Song Yan like this?”

Shi Qian took another deep breath and suddenly smiled.

It turned out that Lin Shiming didn’t know what family she was married to.

Did Lin Qinghe know?

It was impossible for Lin Qinghe not to know, but she did not dare to tell Lin Shiming.

If Lin Shiming found out that she was married to the Fu family and Fu Sinian, he would definitely curry favor with her because of the Fu family. At that time, the Lin family would not care about Lin Qinghe’s status!

“Okay, I’ll go to the meeting tomorrow.” Shi Qian nodded.

Lin Shiming breathed a sigh of relief when Shi Qian agreed.

“Qian Qian, there’s two hundred thousand in this card. Take it and use it first. If it’s not enough, tell me. If we can facilitate this marriage, Dad will give you a sum of money so that you won’t have to worry about food and clothing in the future.”

Shi Qian took the card and played with it. “Two hundred thousand?”

Suddenly, she flicked the card with her fingertip. It flew out and flicked coldly into Lin Shiming’s face.

The card face hit Lin Shiming’s face vertically, causing a sharp pain.

When Lin Shiming reacted, Shi Qian had already turned and left.

He looked at the card on the floor and secretly clenched his hands.

He did not like Shi Qian because Shi Qian’s personality was the same as her mother’s. She was not gentle at all! Moreover, she was stubborn and strong!

Shi Qian wasn’t half as considerate as Qinghe, why would he dote on her!

The next day, Shi Qian received an address from Lin Shiming.

A private room had been specially prepared in a restaurant of a five-star hotel in the capital.

Shi Qian sneered, put away her phone, picked up her bag, and walked out.

In the private room, Lin Qinghe and Lin Shiming were already waiting.

Song Yan and Shi Qian were on the way.

Lin Qinghe held Lin Shiming’s arm nervously. “Dad, will Sister really persuade Song Yan to marry me? She’s always hated me to the core. She definitely can’t wait to see me make a fool of myself.”

“Since she agreed, she will definitely persuade Song Yan.” Lin Shiming patted Lin Qinghe’s hand.

The father and daughter seemed harmonious and filial, but in fact, both of them were scheming.

Lin Qinghe had long thought that she had no chance of winning if she went to look for Song Yan herself. If she went to look for Shi Qian, she would only be humiliated!

Therefore, she could only pull in a strong external help to get her father to stand on her side.

Her father would resolve it.

She knew that that little bit of kinship alone could not move her father, so the information she got from Su Ruoqing came in handy.

In the face of such a big benefit, her father must be more concerned about her marriage than she was.

What father and daughter? What kinship? They were worthless in front of benefits!

Lin Qinghe had also watched Shi Qian’s live broadcast last night.

The jealousy in her heart was like a boiling pot of oil.

Her life was so difficult now.. How could Shi Qian live so comfortably!