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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 561 - Chapter 561: Big Boss Fu’s Life Was Still Deeply Chaotic

Chapter 561: Big Boss Fu’s Life Was Still Deeply Chaotic

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Shi Qian was a little confused. She couldn’t understand Fu Sinian at all. “Is this a wishing card? Inexhaustible?”


“In terms of money, wishing to the magic lamp might not be as effective as making a wish to me.”

Shi Qian was speechless.

She really couldn’t argue.

This was the truth.

Although Fu Sinian had been in a coma for three years and his assets had shrunk a lot, he was still rich enough.

“Think of it as a never-ending ATM. It’s always there if you want to use it.” Fu Sinian put the card back in her bag.

“What’s so good about a card?”

Shi Qian understood now. “This is actually a legendary unlimited black card, right?”

“Yes.” Fu Sinian nodded.

Shi Qian quickly pulled out the card. “Then I can’t take it.”

Fu Sinian frowned. He knew she would refuse.

“This card has your name. If you don’t want it anymore, you have to go to the bank yourself.”

“It wasn’t that troublesome when you made it. I didn’t even have to agree. Why do 1 have to do it myself?” Shi Qian retorted.

“There’s no choice. That’s the rule.”

“Which bank? Give me the address.”

“I’ll send the address to your phone.” Fu Sinian couldn’t help but smile after sending it.

Shi Qian quickly turned on her phone. The map showed that the address Fu Sinian had sent her was halfway across the world.

The elevator door opened. Fu Sinian took Shi Qian’s hand and walked out.

“Keep the card. If you don’t want to use it, just don’t swipe it.”

Shi Qian felt that she could not return the card.

As soon as he entered, Fu Sinian pressed Shi Qian against the back of the door. His fingers gathered her silky hair and he kissed her on the lips.

“I didn’t expect shopping to be fun.” Fu Sinian spoke with emotion. “In the future, we have to go shopping more. Not only shopping, but it’s not easy for us to take a summer vacation. Why don’t we make up for our honeymoon?”

Shi Qian looked at him in confusion. “Where did this honeymoon come from? We’ve already registered our divorce.”

Fu Sinian choked.

“Qian Qian, 1 think we’re in good shape. We can treat it like a honeymoon. Besides, we didn’t have a honeymoon when we got married, did we?”

“Then according to you, we haven’t even had a wedding!”

“That’s right. There’s not even a wedding. Why don’t we make up for it?”

Shi Qian pushed Fu Sinian away and walked towards the living room. She felt that Fu Sinian was like a lunatic!

Fu Sinian unbuttoned his collar and looked in Shi Qian’s direction.

In the mall, when she shook off his hand, the salespeople were discussing them. He sensed a change in her mood.

This small gesture meant that deep down, she still wanted to cut ties with him.

Her obedience and her initiative, might not be mixed with her true feelings as he thought.

Shi Qian didn’t hear Fu Sinian’s footsteps. She turned to look at him and saw a fleeting loneliness in his eyes.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

Shi Qian thought it was the delivery man. “I’ll open the door.”

As soon as she opened the door, Rong Qi stood in the doorway with a beautiful basket filled with bottles of wine.

“Rong Qi, why are you here?” Shi Qian looked surprised.

“A new batch arrived today. I went to the winery and took a few bottles of wine for you and Young Master Fu.”

“Come in quickly.” Shi Qian quickly stepped aside.

Rong Qi walked in and realized that Fu Sinian didn’t look too good.

The two of them were living together.. Why was their relationship so chaotic?