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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 549 - Chapter 549: Concern About the Sugar Daddy

Chapter 549: Concern About the Sugar Daddy

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Besides, everything was not going his way now.


He was about to lose whatever he invested.

In the past, when things were going smoothly, he felt that God was blessing him.

Now, when things were not going well, he suspected that he had been possessed!

Therefore, he was especially sensitive when it came to money.

“Sister must know that Song Yan wanted to work with us previously. She must have done something behind his back to make Song Yan give up on working with us and not want your money. He would rather work with foreign capitalists. Today, I saw Su Ruoqing. She’s the representative of Song Yan’s cooperation. She showed me something. I’ll send it to you now.”

With that, Lin Qinghe opened WeChat and sent the photo she had taken.

Her conversation with Lin Shiming continued.

Lin Shiming looked at the information and his face turned green. “What is this?” he asked quickly.

“This is what Su Ruoqing showed me. In the past few months, Song Yan made so much money just by developing that medicine! Dad, look, that’s more than 500 million!”

Lin Shiming was shocked by the string of numbers.

“Dad, if Song Yan works with us, this 500 million is yours. Even if there’s no 500 million, there’s still 300 million, right?”

“Yes!” Lin Shiming replied readily.

He looked at the picture again. It was uncomfortable because it was as if his money had flown away.

“Have you seen Song Yan?” Lin Shiming immediately changed his attitude.

“Not yet.”

“Qinghe, you’re pregnant with his child. He has to be responsible. Don’t be afraid. Dad will rush over to meet you immediately. No matter what, we can’t let Shi Qian continue to bewitch Song Yan. Song Yan is so powerful and he must be researching more than one medicine. Let’s work with him on the next one!” Lin Shiming’s wishful thinking was brilliant.

“Okay, Dad. I’ll wait for you in the capital.” Lin Qinghe was also very happy.

After all, her father would come personally. She instantly felt confident!

Shi Qian was already on summer vacation. The old master coaxed her to stay in the old residence.

Fu Sinian still had to go to the company to work, but he would get off work on time every day. Even if he had some work to do, he wouldn’t stay in the company. Instead, he would return to the Fu family’s old residence to deal with it.

Shi Qian accompanied the old master during the day and went to the vegetable garden and orchard. There was nothing else to do.

In the past few days, the grapes in the orchard had begun to change color. Some of them had already begun to ripen. Shi Qian had to tend to them a few times a day.

What she had wanted as a child was a grape vine.

During the Qixi festival, she sat under the vines and secretly listened to the whispers of the caretaker and the weaver.

Shi Qian had no other job. She would take about four hours a day to record audio. Two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon.

She sent the recorded audio to the sugar daddy in a folder.

Fu Sinian was in a meeting. When he saw the message pop up on his phone, he immediately stopped discussing the topic and picked up his phone to take a look.

Shi Qian had not sent him these in a long time.

Fu Sinian thought that she would post less and less in the future. He didn’t expect her to record so much as soon as she was free!

So she still hadn’t really rested.

She should have some money on her hands too. Why was she working so hard?

Shi Qian sat in a rocking chair under the window and hugged her phone, waiting for her sugar daddy to reply.

Usually, the sugar daddy didn’t reply late..