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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 547 - Chapter 547: There’s Still a Good Knife in Her Hand

Chapter 547: There’s Still a Good Knife in Her Hand

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“You guys have to be careful. If Shi Qian takes advantage of a loophole, not only will your family’s integrity be lost, but you’ll also lose all your face!” Madam Lin was still adding fuel to the fire.


“Stop! What can an actress do? Over the years, we’ve fought many vixens! It’s not a big deal to have one more! It’s not a big deal to have one less!” Madam Han stood up angrily and left.

The news quickly spread in the circle of noblewomen.

When it reached Su Ruoqing’s ears, Shi Qian was almost treated as a public enemy by the noblewomen.

Su Ruoqing stirred the coffee in front of her with a smug expression.

Shi Qian, let’s see how you can establish yourself in this circle in the future!

This circle was harder to survive in than the entertainment industry. The entertainment industry was a place that ate people, but the circle of the powerful was a place that ate people without spitting out their bones.

That wasn’t the main thing. She had another card in her hand.

If she used it well, she could still ruin Shi Qian.

Suddenly, Su Ruoqing’s phone rang. She glanced at the caller ID and immediately put down the spoon in her hand to answer.

“Miss Lin, you’re in the capital? Okay, I’ll be right there.”

Forty minutes later, Su Ruoqing arrived at a hotel and went to a room. After ringing the doorbell, Lin Qinghe opened the door.

“When did Song Yan return to the country?” Lin Qinghe questioned sternly.

“Miss Lin, you’re pregnant now. Don’t be so agitated. It’s not good for the fetus,” Su Ruoqing reminded her with a smile.

Lin Qinghe did look much more voluptuous than before. However, she was wearing a doll’s dress and a thin knitted jacket. Her bulging stomach was not obvious.

The child she was carrying was almost four months old.

Song Yan did not marry her as she had imagined. He even stopped working with the Lin family.

Was she about to be completely abandoned by Song Yan?

Lin Qinghe’s eyes immediately turned red.

“I didn’t even know Song Yan was back. He didn’t even tell me.” As Lin Qinghe spoke, tears welled up.

“Miss Lin, Song Yan is focused on Shi Qian now. You don’t know this, but when he was overseas, in order to push the medicine into the market for Shi Qian’s mother, he neglected sleep and food! Even his own parents’ attitude was ignored.”

“Shi Qian, Shi Qian, he only has Shi Qian in his heart! Shi Qian is already married. Why is he still pestering Shi Qian!” Lin Qinghe’s tears fell more and more fiercely.

“Miss Lin, crying won’t solve the problem. I came today to show you something.” With that, Su Ruoqing took out a document from her bag.

Lin Qinghe held it in her hand and looked at it. Her jaw dropped at the number.

“This is…”

“This is a month’s profit after we worked with Song Yan.”

“The profit in a month is actually more than 500 million?” Lin Qinghe thought she was seeing things.

She double-checked that there were still so many digits.

“I don’t know why Song Yan handed such a profitable project to us. Didn’t he look for the Lin family for cooperation previously?” Su Ruoqing deliberately strengthened Song Yan’s situation.

Even if Song Yan was the developer of medicine, how could he earn so much profit without capital and connections!

“If Song Yan took my father’s money to invest, my father will be the largest shareholder after this medicine goes public.. At least 300 million of this 500 million will belong to my father?”