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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 539 - Chapter 539: Leave Today’s Heat Consumption to Me

Chapter 539: Leave Today’s Heat Consumption to Me

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

After playing for an hour or two, Shi Qian drove to the restaurant of the clubhouse under Fu Sinian’s guidance.


“Are we here to eat? I’m not hungry.”

“Aren’t you thirsty? The things here are okay. Let’s see what you want to drink and eat later.” Fu Sinian walked in holding Shi Qian’s hand.

“Welcome!” A waiter immediately went forward to welcome him.

“Find a quiet spot,” Fu Sinian instructed.

“Okay, please.” The waiter led Fu Sinian and Shi Qian to a seat by the window on the second floor.

Shi Qian realized that there were several menus on the table.

There were drinks, western food, Chinese food, and desserts.

She opened the menu and saw that there were indeed many types.

“There’s no hurry. Take your time,” Fu Sinian said gently.

On the windowsill, a little sunlight shone on the pots and plants, making them look green and pleasing to the eye. Light and shadow shone on the glass, casting a hazy halo over the person sitting there.

Shi Qian sat quietly in the circle of light.

She propped her chin on one hand and flipped through the menu with the other. She thought about what she wanted.

“There’s no hurry. Take your time,” Fu Sinian said gently.

Shi Qian looked up at Fu Sinian. “Why don’t you order for me?”

“Sounds good.” Fu Sinian flipped open the menu and ordered two drinks and a dessert. Then he added macarons which were the restaurant’s specialty.

“Young Master Fu, have we forgotten something?” Shi Qian could not remember anything for a moment, but she felt that they had forgotten something.

“No,” Fu Sinian replied without hesitation.

“Really?” Shi Qian asked softly.

After a while, everything they ordered was served.

The dessert was so exquisite that she couldn’t bear to eat it. There were twelve macarons in that box. There were three in a group and four flavors. They were red, blue, green, and yellow. When combined, they looked especially good.

“Sister Yan told me to control my weight. I haven’t completed my daily exercise plan.” Shi Qian looked at the delicacies and felt burdened.

“Your daily exercise schedule is overdone.”

“I don’t exercise at all.”

“Exercise doesn’t necessarily mean running, swimming, and yoga. As long as you can maintain the same calorie consumption, it’s effective exercise.” After Fu Sinian explained, he picked up his coffee and took a sip.

Shi Qian looked at him and realized that he was noble and handsome.

He was like a different person on and off the bed.

Fu Sinian realized that she hadn’t understood what he meant by continuous calorie consumption. He picked up a macaroon and fed it to Shi Qian’s mouth.

“Don’t worry. I’ll take care of your calorie consumption today.”

Shi Qian immediately understood what he meant!

No wonder her appetite had clearly increased in the past few months and her weight had not increased!

In that case, she had benefited.

Shi Qian took the macaron and took a bite. “Delicious! It’s even better than the previous one. Sweet but not greasy.”

“Try this again.” Fu Sinian cut the dessert on the table into small pieces again.

Shi Qian tasted each one.

“The rose mousse is the best.”

“Do you want another serving?”

“No! There’s so much of this left. I really can’t eat anymore. The macarons can be packed. Eat all these desserts. You can’t waste them.”

Fu Sinian’s brows tightened slightly.

Shi Qian had already picked up a small piece of rose mousse and fed it to his mouth.

Fu Sinian took her wrist and bit it.

“No, you have to finish it!”

Fu Sinian had no choice but to eat all the mousse.

Suddenly, footsteps sounded at the stairs.

The waiter led the person all the way to the second floor again.

Shi Qian inadvertently glanced in that direction and her smile froze on her face when she saw a familiar figure..