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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 521 - Chapter 521: What She Knew Was Never The Real Him

Chapter 521: What She Knew Was Never The Real Him

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

She wanted to pull her hand out of Song Yan’s, but Song Yan’s fingers dug into hers and locked tightly with hers!


“Mr. Song, please let go of my wife.” Fu Sinian pushed Song Yan.

Afraid of hurting Shi Qian, Song Yan let go.

However, he was also pushed hard by Fu Sinian and knocked into a chair behind him.

“Fu Sinian!” Shi Qian scolded.

“If he touches you again, I’ll definitely cripple his arm!” The words came from Fu Sinian’s teeth.

Every word was cold and ruthless!

“Let’s go.” Fu Sinian pulled Shi Qian out.

“Qian Qian!” Song Yan shouted anxiously at Shi Qian.

Su Ruoqing’s eyes darkened when she saw this. She was struggling internally.

On the one hand, it was a task she had to complete. On the other hand, it was a man she had to get. If she also refused to give in, how could she make Fu Sinian believe that she could give everything for him?

“Sinian, since you don’t agree to establish a clinical research cooperation team, I’ll cancel this project and only talk about the introduction,” Su Ruoqing said slowly.

“President Su!” The secretary panicked and almost grabbed Su Ruoqing’s arm.

Fu Sinian stopped and turned in Su Ruoqing’s direction.

“If there are no other conditions, there’s still a need for us to talk.” Fu Sinian pulled Shi Qian back to her seat.

Shi Qian’s palms were already sweating.

Her heart had been in her mouth since she walked into the conference room.

“Go and type up a new contract,” Su Ruoqing instructed the secretary. “President Su, if you change the contract without permission…”

“Do I need you to teach me how to do things?” Su Ruoqing interrupted the secretary angrily.

“Yes.” The secretary immediately left.

A few minutes later, he walked in with a new contract.

Fu Sinian read the contents of the contract again. “Give Dr. Bai the sample of your medicine later.”

“You don’t have any experience with medicine. I can cooperate with Dr. Bai.” “There’s no need! I’m doing this for Dr. Song’s own good. Dr. Song doesn’t have the qualifications to practice medicine in the country.” After Fu Sinian finished speaking, he exchanged glances with the director. The hospital nodded at him. There were no problems at the hospital.

Fu Sinian pulled out a pen and signed his name.

Su Ruoqing also signed her name as the other party’s representative.

Seeing her and Fu Sinian’s names so close, Su Ruoqing had mixed feelings.

Her name should have been on the same marriage certificate as Fu Sinian’s! “Sinian, this time, you should believe me. I really didn’t target her like Shi Qian said, right?” Su Ruoqing asked Fu Sinian. Her eyes were red. “You know how angry my father will be when I change this contract, but it’s all worth it for you.”

Shi Qian looked at Su Ruoqing, who was deeply in love, and then at Fu Sinian. She realized that his face was calm.

There was no way to describe how she felt.

“The five countries working with President Su together aren’t as beneficial as us. What value can a clinical research team produce? If you need it, the top medical technology talents at the Capital Hospital can go overseas at any time to discuss academic issues.” Fu Sinian’s words were still very professional.

Su Ruoqing looked at him as if he were a stranger..