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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 502 - Chapter 502: Drink It!

Chapter 502: Drink It!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Shi Qian immediately ran over. “I’m Shi Qiuran’s family.”


“I have to tell you about the patient. Her temperature is a little high now. For her safety, she has to be hospitalized for observation.”

“Okay, okay.” Shi Qian nodded immediately.

“The doctor suggested that she stay in a sterile ward. We don’t need family members to accompany her. Our medical staff will take good care of the patient and prevent her condition from deteriorating.”

“Okay, she’ll stay in the sterile ward. Can I still see my mother?”

“When we transfer to the ward later, you can look through the glass. Patients can bring their phones in. You can contact each other by phone.” The nurse left to get busy.

Shi Qian stood anxiously in front of the glass window.


After three minutes, a few medical staff pushed Shi Qiuran out.

Shi Qiuran had already changed into a sterile hospital gown. The illness tortured her until she was very thin and weak, almost skin and bones. She had only recovered a little after the surgery, but this matter directly returned her to her original state.

Shi Qiuran’s face was pale. There was a drip and oxygen tank. Her eyes, which had been weakly closed, suddenly opened slowly as if she had sensed something.

Shi Qian pressed herself against the glass and looked at her mother in the hospital bed.

Tears kept coming.

Shi Qiuran looked at her daughter with heartache and forced a smile. She waved at Shi Qian and then gestured at her face.

Shi Qian immediately wiped the tears from her face.

When she cried, her mother would use this gesture and affectionately call her a little crybaby.

Shi Qiuran smiled at Shi Qian. When she saw Fu Sinian standing behind Shi Qian, she felt extremely at ease.

Even if her life ended at this moment, she would not die with such intense regret.

Shi Qian kept staring in Shi Qiuran’s direction until she could no longer see her.

However, once she couldn’t see her mother, her tears fell uncontrollably again.

Fu Sinian wiped her tears with a tissue.

“Don’t worry. She’ll be fine in the hospital.”

Shi Qian wiped her tears and took a deep breath. “Where are the two people who splashed water on my mother?”

Half an hour later, Fu Sinian brought Shi Qian to a bungalow.

The two epople were thrown into a corner, their hands and feet tied.

Jiang Feng brought a bucket of feces water to the two of them.

“Open your mouth!”

Someone immediately went forward and forced their mouths open, adding a funnel into them.

Jiang Feng scooped up a spoonful of feces and poured it into their mouths!

“Ugh!” They both retched.

However, their bodies were pressed down tightly and they could not struggle free. They could only retch and swallow uncontrollably!

Shi Qian kept looking at the image.

These two people were also that dirty when they splashed it on her mother!

Jiang Feng only threw away the ladle when they couldn’t drink anymore.

They lay on the ground, as still as dead pigs.

Jiang Feng washed up and came out of the house.

When he saw Fu Sinian and Shi Qian, he immediately went forward to report.

“Young Master Fu, everyone in the group has been identified. One of them is Jin Enshu’s manager, Zhao Ming’s alternate account. It was his idea.”

“Bring him here,” Fu Sinian said in a low voice.


By now, the sky was bright.

Jin Enshu and Zhao Ming accompanied Director Wu for the night and prepared to go back and rest.

As soon as they arrived at the underground garage, a few figures immediately opened the car door and forced them into their car.

“Who are you? What are you doing!” Jin Enshu questioned loudly..