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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 497 - Chapter 497: An Expenditure of Ten Million Is Not Worthy of Leaving His Name

Chapter 497: An Expenditure of Ten Million Is Not Worthy of Leaving His Name

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Xiao Yan realized that there was a sugar daddy’s nickname on Shi Qian’s phone and immediately opened her mouth in surprise!


Sugar daddy? The kind that was richer than President Fu?

Shi Qian sent a message.

Beached Whale: [Hello, did you give the gifts during the live-stream?]

Fu Sinian’s phone screen flashed.

Chen Song was reporting the situation when he glanced at the phone. This was President Fu’s work phone. How could anyone disturb President Fu so late at night?

Fu Sinian raised his hand, indicating for Chen Song to be silent. He picked up his phone and opened the message.


His lips curved slightly at the message as he replied.

Sugar Daddy: [Do you like it?]

When Shi Qian saw this reply, she was sure that it was him!

Beached Whale: [How much did you give?]

Sugar daddy: [I don’t know.]

Shi Qian was speechless.

Beached Whale: [I went offline. Those gifts that haven’t been displayed can be refunded by the platform. Find a staff member to refund the rest of the money.]

Sugar Daddy: [The staff has already contacted me. The remaining gifts will continue to show during your next live broadcast.]

Beached Whale: [It’s hard to say when I’ll broadcast next. Isn’t your money too wasteful?]

Sugar Daddy: [How can it be wasted when it’s for you?]

Shi Qian was speechless.

Beached Whale: [Thank you.]

As soon as Shi Qian put down the phone, Xiao Yan looked at her gossipily.

“Are you sure? This gift was from this sugar daddy?”


“I knew it. How can such a beautiful girl not have admirers!”

Shi Qian looked at Xiao Yan questioningly.

Why was Xiao Yan smiling so happily when she mentioned that she had an admirer? When she mentioned that Su Ruoqing was in love with Fu Sinian, Xiao Yan said that it was a rotten crush.

“Don’t doubt it. I have serious double standards,” Xiao Yan admitted generously.

Shi Qian was speechless.

“If President Fu finds out about this, he’ll be jealous!”

“Let’s see the reaction online first.” Shi Qian didn’t want to mention Fu Sinian and changed the topic.

Xiao Yan immediately opened the webpage.

“It’s trending.”

Shi Qian also took out her phone and read the reaction online.

Fu Sinian looked at the word “thank you” and waited for a long time. There was no reaction.

Was the conversation over?

So his gift of tens of millions was exchanged for a few words?

However, on second thought, would he feel worse if Qian Qian was too enthusiastic about these gifts?

Was he jealous of himself?

A ten-million-dollar expense was not worthy of leaving his name.

Fu Sinian shook his head and put down his phone.

Shi Qian broadcasted for nearly fifty minutes. The number of people in the live-stream exceeded three million. The topic of Shi Qian being an ingrate and wanting to cheat the production team was immediately suppressed.

They were all doubtful!

[Is the production team going to come out and give an explanation? Let’s not talk about the camera editing. You have to prioritize the overall situation. After all, there are so many contestants participating in a show. It’s impossible to give all the screen time to a contestant. Let’s talk about when Shi Qian appeared. Was it a sound system problem or was it edited post-production?]

[Shi Qian’s fans are all protesting! We can’t let Qian Qian suffer like this.]

Director Wu had not expected the reversal of public opinion.

A few people from the directing team were called to the director’s office for an impromptu meeting to discuss a solution to this matter.

“Director Wu, explain. Even if you cut Shi Qian’s scenes, why did you have to specially edit them in the post-production?” The supervisor knocked on the table angrily..