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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 495 - Chapter 495: Big Boss Fu’s Actions

Chapter 495: Big Boss Fu’s Actions

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Fu Sinian waited for a while, but Chen Song still didn’t enter. He got up and walked out. He saw Chen Song standing in front of the photocopier and constantly poking at his phone.


His eyes darkened as he walked over.

She heard Shi Qian’s voice on the phone.

“President Fu!” Chen Song also noticed Fu Sinian and immediately called out.

“What are you looking at?”

“A live broadcast! Madam’s live broadcast.”

Fu Sinian held out his hand, and Chen Song immediately handed over the phone.


It was indeed Shi Qian.

He did not know that Shi Qian would start a live broadcast.

Chen Song clearly felt that President Fu’s expression was ugly. He quickly organized the information and stood at the side.

Fu Sinian watched for a moment before turning off his phone and returning to his office.

Chen Song immediately followed and placed the information in front of Fu Sinian.

Fu Sinian didn’t even look at it. He turned on his phone.

He suddenly realized that he didn’t have the software to view the live-stream. He went to download it. Then, as soon as he opened it, Shi Qian’s live broadcast popped up.

“This short video platform seems to belong to Rong Qi?”

“That’s right, President Fu. Third Master Rong was just playing back then. I didn’t expect it to suddenly become popular! Now, the users have exceeded 900 million!” Chen Song quickly said.

Fu Sinian looked at the screen full of flowers and gifts and fumbled to open the page.

He clicked on the flowers and a notification popped up. He did not have enough gold coins in his account.

“President Fu, you have to top up when giving gifts,” Chen Song immediately explained.

Fu Sinian glanced at the gift list. 99,999 roses.

“President Fu, this 99,999 roses will trigger an especially romantic special effect. The live-stream will be filled with petals in the next minute.”

“What a show.” Fu Sinian placed the phone upside down on the table. “Leave the information here. You can go out.”

“Yes.” Chen Song immediately left.

Shi Qian did not expect everyone to be so enthusiastic and thanked them repeatedly.

“Thank you for your gifts. I started a live broadcast today to thank my fans. Thank you for your attention and love.”

The comments section below scrolled quickly.

[I’m crazy about Sister, crazy about Sister, and crazy about Sister!]

[Sister Qian!]

[You’re so beautiful!]

[You’re really so beautiful!]

[Is Qian Qian not using a filter!]

[Why did Qian Qian turn off the gift reward function?]

[Although I already knew what Qian Qian looked like, I was still stunned when I saw her on the live broadcast!]

Shi Qian read the comments. Although they flashed past and she couldn’t remember their names, her heart warmed.

“This live broadcast was a little rushed, and I didn’t prepare anything. Why don’t I show everyone my talents?”

There were so many people in the live-stream that Shi Qian felt uncomfortable.

[Little Miss is too cute! She’s talented!]

[I feel that Sister is going to perform the scene of breaking a big rock with her chest! Don’t hit me.]

Shi Qian happened to see this sentence. “I don’t break rocks in my chest.”

[Ahhhh, Sister saw me!]

[That sister up there has her sign flipped! I really want my sister to flip her sign!]

“When I started broadcasting, I was a voice streamer. The talent I’m showing everyone today is also related to sound. Does everyone remember my performance on the show a few days ago? Today, I’ll perform it again for everyone.”

[I want to hear! I want to hear! ]

[Let’s hear if it’s different from what’s on television! I don’t believe a professional dubber can make such a big mistake on the show!]

[Qian Qian is domineering. This is the best response! Let those haters on the Internet hear it!]

Shi Qian was ready and about to open her mouth when a large bouquet of roses suddenly appeared on the screen.

The petals exploded like fireworks.. They filled the screen!