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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 494 - Chapter 494: Big Boss Fu Was Frustrated

Chapter 494: Big Boss Fu Was Frustrated

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Fu Sinian did not say anything, and he did not look too good.


Rong Qi did not dare to say anything else and lowered his head to eat.

Young Master Fu’s frustrated expression was really shocking!

• • •

In a high-end apartment in the capital.

Jin Enshu was taking a bath when the bathroom door suddenly opened and Zhao Ming walked in without any hesitation.

“I just received news that I’ve helped you secure another drama. It’s with Gan Tian. Although it’s not the female lead, it’s still a big IP. The role you’re playing is very popular. If you act well, you will still be popular.”

Jin Enshu was secretly delighted. This opportunity was indeed not bad for her.


“It was impossible for this chance to fall into your hands in the first place. Now that I’ve given it to you, do you know what it means?”

“I understand, of course I understand! Thank you for your guidance, Brother Ming! I’ll definitely repay you well!” Jin Enshu reached out her hand to Zhao Ming and said shyly, “Brother Ming, can you help me? I’ve been soaking in it for too long. I can’t get up.”

“Wouldn’t it be more convenient for me to carry you out directly?” Zhao Ming smiled and walked forward.

He had seen many beautiful women, and Jin Enshu was not worthy of his attention.

However, Jin Enshu was sensible and proactive.

How could a man refuse a woman who took the initiative?

Ten minutes later, Zhao Ming leaned against the head of the bed and smoked. Jin Enshu sat in front of the dressing table and applied cream on her body.

“Will Shi Qian definitely fail this time? I heard that Director Xiang has lost his temper and hasn’t gotten along with the production team yet. The supervisor of the show has a very good relationship with Director Xiang. Perhaps he’ll let Shi Qian stay! Don’t tell me Shi Qian has hooked up with Director Xiang?” Jin Enshu asked gently.

“Other than looking for Director Xiang, Shi Qian will also look for the supervisor. I feel that she has a higher chance with the supervisor,” Zhao Ming analyzed.

“Then what should we do? No matter how powerful Director Wu is, he can at most compete with Director Xiang.” Jin Enshu’s expression immediately changed.

“What are you afraid of? I have helped you arrange a meal with him tomorrow.” “He agreed?”

“Yes, he agreed. Perform well.”

“Don’t worry, Brother Ming.”

Suddenly, Jin Enshu’s phone rang. She picked it up and her expression changed.

“Brother Ming, the live broadcast has started!”

“Live broadcast?” Zhao Ming immediately sat up straight and extinguished his cigarette. “Turn on her live broadcast.”

Jin Enshu immediately opened the link she was sent.

Zhao Ming took the phone and looked at the person in the video.

“This woman is so damn beautiful! It makes my heart itch.”

When Jin Enshu heard this, her expression darkened.

The person who had just slept with her had turned around and taken a fancy to someone else! This was a great humiliation to her!

“Sooner or later, I’ll have to think of a way to get this woman!” Zhao Ming took a few glances and threw his phone aside. “Shi Qian’s live stream is to prove her strength. It seems that she hasn’t looked for the supervisor yet. This woman is even more stubborn than Xiao Yan!”

When Jin Enshu heard this, she immediately felt relieved.

• • •

This was the first time Shi Qian had appeared on a live broadcast.

When the fans saw the trailer, they were also looking forward to it. They would definitely appear during the live-stream.

When she saw the number of people online displayed behind her, she was dumbfounded.

700,000 people!

Previously, when she was live-streaming, there were at most 3,000 people or hundreds.

Moreover, the screen of her phone was filled with all kinds of gifts, dazzling her.

In the Fu Corporation, Fu Sinian was back to work overtime again.

Chen Song took the opportunity to photocopy the information and tapped the screen with his phone.

This was Madam’s live broadcast! He couldn’t miss it..