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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 493 - Chapter 493: You’re Letting Me Have This Opportunity?

Chapter 493: You’re Letting Me Have This Opportunity?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Shi Qian smiled and did not continue the topic.


“Sister Yan, don’t worry about the comments online. In any case, this isn’t the first time I’ve faced online abuse. Let’s follow our plan.”

“Okay, but I think we don’t have to react so quickly. After all, there are many people who arc protective of you. Look at this comment.”

She looked at Xiao Yan’s phone.

[I won’t comment on the one-sided comments on the Internet. This comment is only to express my point of view. Firstly, there was indeed a problem with Shi Qian’s voice when she appeared. Moreover, it must have been edited. Professionals are welcome to stand up and explain this. Secondly, I was at the scene that day and was one of the audience members. Shi Qian’s performance was very professional! Due to the confidentiality agreement, I can’t say much about the recording that day. However, what you saw is definitely not the truth.]

“I believe that there will be more people who will stand up and question this matter in the future, so we’re not in a hurry.”

“Yes, Sister Yan, I won’t be returning to the Sunshine District. I want to start a live broadcast tonight.”


“Alright, I’ll release the preview immediately. Let’s go to the company now.”

Fu Sinian booked a restaurant and ordered a meal for two. They sat alone at the table.

From time to time, he would raise his hand to look at the time.

Rong Qi ran over and sat down in the chair opposite Fu Sinian, panting heavily.

“Young Master Fu, can you tell me in advance the next time you ask me out for a meal? You know where I was just now, right? Over at the Oriental Ginza!” Rong Qi complained loudly.

Fu Sinian poured a glass of water and placed it in front of Rong Qi.

Rong Qi picked it up and took a few sips. Only then did he calm down a little.

He immediately looked around. “You asked me out alone?”

“If I’m not alone, there’s still someone else?”

“No, I mean, you should be with Qian Qian at this time! Did you make Qian Qian angry again and asked me out alone?”

Fu Sinian looked at Rong Qi quietly.

Rong Qi felt a chill run down his spine.

Only Qian Qian only knew how to be unreasonable in front of him.

“The show that Qian Qian participated in has been broadcasted. Have you watched it?”

“I saw it! There’s still a big black spot on my television! I smashed it! By the way, how did you handle this matter?”

“It wasn’t handled,” Fu Sinian said slowly, then lowered his head to eat the food on his plate.

Rong Qi was stunned, thinking that he had heard wrongly.

“Young Master Fu, that’s not right. This is a good opportunity for you to establish your worth in Qian Qian’s heart. You can’t miss it!” Rong Qi immediately had the attitude of a family member mediating an old cadre.

“It’s obvious that Qian Qian has been ostracized. The production team is deliberately targeting her, so she must be very sad. If you can step forward and settle this matter with a word, Qian Qian will definitely be touched.”

Fu Sinian ignored him and quietly finished the food on his plate.

Just as he was about to take a sip of water, Rong Qi snatched it over.

“Young Master Fu, are you listening to me or not?”

Fu Sinian picked up his napkin and wiped his hands. “I’ll treat you to a meal today. I’ll leave it to you.”

“Leave it to me? What is it?” Rong Qi had yet to react.

After being stunned for three seconds, he came to a realization!

“You mean you want me to settle Qian Qian’s matter? Young Master Fu, that can’t be!? Are you willing to let me handle such a thing that can help win over Qian Qian?”