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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 490 - Chapter 490: Exorbitant Money

Chapter 490: Exorbitant Money

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Xiao Yan had never suffered such treatment.


It was already so late, and they had already eaten. If they were any later, they could eat dinner directly!

This Director Wu was clearly trying to make things difficult for them.

Xiao Yan called Director Wu again.

“Miss Xiao, I’m sorry. I drank too much during lunch and I’m feeling groggy. It’s really not appropriate to talk about serious matters. I’m resting now. Let’s talk when I’m sober.”

“Okay, Director Wu. Have a good rest,” Xiao Yan replied with a smile.

Xiao Yan’s pleasant tone made Director Wu’s hair stand on end.


Why was Xiao Yan so easy to talk to?

The more she acted like this, the more nervous he became.

“As for the termination of the contract, I’ll go directly to Director Xiang, or to your supervisor. I also have some friendship with your supervisor, so it’s not like he won’t give me any face. Director Wu, you can rest well, I won’t bother you anymore”

“Wait!” Director Wu immediately shouted, “Miss Xiao, I’m in charge of the contestants’ contracts. Even if you find my supervisor, I’ll be the one to handle it. How about this? Where are you now? I’ll come and look for you.”

“The same place.”

“Okay, I’ll be right there.”

After hanging up, Director Wu sat up from the soft sofa.

“I thought Xiao Yan was so capable! She only knew how to look for my supervisor!”

Although Director Wu said that he would be right there, he only walked into the private room at half-past five.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.” As soon as Director Wu entered, he smiled at Xiao Yan and Shi Qian.

He played a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Director Wu sat down and looked at Shi Qian. “Shi Qian, do you really want to terminate the contract? The first episode has just been broadcasted, but it has already broken the broadcast record. It far exceeds all the recent variety shows. Later on, it will definitely become popular. It’ll be a pity to give up!”

“Director Wu, can you guarantee that the first episode won’t have the same issues during the post-editing?” Shi Qian asked.

“Young! You’re still too young!” Director Wu pulled his chair closer to the clock. “Which person’s success is smooth sailing? You can only see the rainbow after experiencing the wind and rain. However, in the process of experiencing the wind and rain, some people will be drenched in the rain. Some people know how to find someone with an umbrella to lean on.”

Director Wu’s words were extremely suggestive.

If Shi Qian was half as proactive as Jin Enshu, he would not listen to Jin Enshu completely.

It was mainly because Shiqian did not know how to suck up to him.

“Since Director Wu can’t be fair, even if this show becomes extremely popular, I don’t want to continue recording.” Shi Qian’s attitude was still firm.

Moreover, she did not answer Director Wu’s question directly.

She chose to ignore those words!

Director Wu choked. “Since you’ve made up your mind, let’s talk about terminating the contract.”

“You’ll receive a reward of 100,000 yuan for participating in one episode. In the future, you’ll receive an additional 100,000 yuan for each episode. In the fifth episode, it’ll be 1.5 million yuan. You’ll have to compensate three times the penalty.”

When Shi Qian heard this, she really wanted to say that she had never seen such a shameless person!

“I’ve only participated in one episode. Why should I compensate according to the fees for five episodes?” Shi Qian retorted.

“You signed a contract for five episodes, so naturally, you have to compensate accordingly,” Director Wu replied matter-of-factly.

“Does it mean that I will definitely enter the finals?” Shi Qian asked again.

“There’s no need to consider if you can enter the finals, right?” Director Wu asked..