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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 489 - Chapter 489: Waiting for Qian Qian to curry favor with him

Chapter 489: Waiting for Qian Qian to curry favor with him

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Sister Yan!” she called out softly.


Xiao Yan immediately walked towards the Shi Qian area.

“My appointment is at eleven-thirty. It’s about time. Let’s go in first. There are some more things I have to tell you.”

“Okay.” Shi Qian nodded and followed behind Xiao Yan.

It was half past eleven, but there was still no sign of Director Wu.

Xiao Yan waited patiently for another ten minutes and couldn’t help but call Director Wu.

“Miss Xiao, I’m so sorry. I suddenly had a lunch meeting and I really can’t leave. How about this? I won’t eat. When I’m done here, I’ll go over to look for you immediately, okay?”


“Alright, I’ll wait here for Director Wu.” Xiao Yan hung up.

“How is it? He’s not coming anymore?” Shi Qian quickly asked.

“He’s gone somewhere else to eat. He’ll come over after eating. We’ll eat here and wait for him.”


Director Wu had gone to meet Jin Enshu.

At this moment, he was already eating.

“Director Wu, let me toast you.” Jin Enshu walked towards him with a wine glass.

Director Wu sized her up. “1 feel that Miss Jin is especially beautiful today.”

“Really? I specially dressed up to meet Director Wu.” Jin Enshu fiddled with her curly hair, displaying a myriad of charms.

Director Wu took the wine glass from her hand.

Jin Enshu specially touched Director Wu’s hand to make physical contact.

Director Wu’s thoughts were wavering, but in the next second, he came back to his senses because he could not help but think of the day when Jin Enshu was splashed with makeup remover.

Even though Jin Enshu was very enthusiastic, he did not dare to take another step forward.

He was afraid that he would wake up one night and see a horror show.

Zhao Ming and Jin Enshu had only agreed to meet Director Wu because they wanted more screen time after seeing how popular the first episode was.

“Director Wu, was that Xiao Yan’s call just now?” Zhao Ming asked tentatively.

“Yes, Xiao Yan actually wants to terminate the contract. She thinks she has the Xie family’s backing.”

“The Xie Corporation hasn’t been doing well this year because of successive scandals.

How can they have the capacity to care about the mainland? Xiao Yan has already returned to the mainland herself, but she still can’t recognize reality. She thinks she’s so capable!” Zhao Ming gritted his teeth in hatred at the mention of Xiao Yan.

“Director Wu, if Shi Qian wants to terminate the contract, do you agree?” Jin Enshu quickly asked.

If Shi Qian left, she would lose a strong opponent.

“Of course we’ll agree. However, this is a breach of contract. We definitely have to make some conditions. This matter isn’t so easy to resolve.”

“That’s right. The show is so popular. Even if she’s just a small contestant, she can still increase her popularity. Shi Qian is still too young. She’s been led astray by Xiao Yan!” Zhao Ming interrupted.

Director Wu was still waiting for Shi Qian and Xiao Yan to suck up to him.

He did not expect Xiao Yan to really want to terminate the contract.

This was also a slap to his face.

“Come, Director Wu, let’s drink to our hearts’ content today. Let’s not talk about disappointing things.”

“Okay, come on, let’s drink.”

“I’ll give a toast to Director Wu. 1 hope you’ll take good care of me during the post-production recording.” Jin Enshu toasted again.

“Of course, of course.” Director Wu nodded.

•• •

Shi Qian and Xiao Yan ate and sat for a while.

Fortunately, this restaurant was open all day. Otherwise, if Director Wu hadn’t appeared after they ate, they would have to choose another place.

“Sister Yan, it’s almost three o’clock.. Why isn’t Director Wu here yet?”