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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 486 - Chapter 486 I Controlled Myself

Chapter 486 I Controlled Myself

“Qian Qian, does your leg still hurt?” he asked lightly.

“It hurts.” Shi Qian did not hide it this time.

“Can you tolerate it for a while?” Fu Sinian asked again.


Shi Qian was confused.

“If you can’t do it, you can rest on my shoulders.”

Shi Qian was shocked.

… .

Half an hour later, Shi Qian was carried back.

Fu Sinian placed her on the sofa and took out the first aid kit he had prepared at home.

“Should I get Bai Jianshen to come over?”

“There’s no need. I saw something in the box to reduce swelling and pain. I’ll be fine after applying some.” Shi Qian shook her head.

Fu Sinian took out a bottle of medicine and read the instructions.

This bottle of medicine was indeed effective.

He unscrewed the medicine, poured it on Shi Qian’s knee, and rubbed it.

“If you don’t recover tomorrow, let Bai Jianshen take a look.”

Shi Qian fanned herself with her hand. The medicine was a little hot. “Actually, it’s not serious. If you don’t move my leg, I’ll definitely recover tomorrow.”

Fu Sinian couldn’t help but laugh. “I was controlling it just now.”

“You didn’t!” She looked at him accusingly.

“It’s only been half an hour. Didn’t I control it?”

Shi Qian was speechless.

… .

The first episode of “Heavenly Feast” had just been aired.

In just one night, Shi Qian lost hundreds of thousands of fans.

Jin Enshu was very satisfied with this result.

“I heard from Director Wu that Xiao Yan wants to terminate her contract and not let Shi Qian continue recording.” Zhao Ming extinguished the cigarette in his hand with a smug smile on his lips.

“Xiao Yan wanted to terminate the contract. What was Shi Qian’s attitude at that time?”

“Shi Qian is new and she has a manager like Xiao Yan. How would she dare to have her own opinion? Of course, she will do whatever Xiao Yan asks her to do.” Zhao Ming leaned against the sofa and crossed his legs.

“Xiao Yan thought that she was so capable. In the past, it was the Xie family in Hong Kong that she relied on. After entering the mainland, she actually went to such an unknown small company. Without a backer, she thought that she could call the shots in the entertainment industry!”

“If Shi Qian really terminates the contract, won’t she still have to bear the responsibility of breaching the contract?”

“Of course!” Zhao Ming replied firmly. “Xiao Yan and Shi Qian have to swallow this loss this time!”

Jin Enshu was immediately overjoyed. “That b*tch, Shi Qian, actually dared to splash makeup remover on my face! Hasn’t she thought of the consequences of offending me?!”

“After Shi Qian terminates her contract, not only will she have to bear the responsibility of breaching the contract, but she will also have to worry about her own reputation.”

“She’s losing fans now! Didn’t you see the comments below? They’re all filled with doubt and disappointment. They’re all doubting her ability.”

“Therefore, after Shi Qian’s contract is terminated, we’ll add fuel to the fire. Shi Qian will be completely ruined.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Jin Enshu immediately nodded vigorously.

However, she still felt a little uneasy. “Brother Ming, we’ve all seen Xiao Yan’s ability. Can she help Shi Qian survive this difficult time?”

“Do you think she’s still relying on Madam Xie of Hong Kong?! No matter how capable Xiao Yan is, she has to have someone behind her!”

“That’s true.” Jin Enshu nodded.

It seemed that her worries were unnecessary.

… .

While Shi Qian was still asleep, Fu Sinian had already used his phone to watch the show he had missed yesterday.

When he saw Shi Qian appear, his brows furrowed tightly.

He immediately opened the webpage and browsed through the news in the entertainment section. Indeed, he saw some discussions about her appearance last night.

Seeing these comments, Fu Sinian couldn’t help but be angry!