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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 484 - Chapter 484 Clarify In Person

Chapter 484 Clarify In Person

Fu Sinian’s tone didn’t contain any reproach. Instead, it was filled with heartache. Suddenly, he tugged at his pants and squatted down to rub Shi Qian’s knees.

Shi Qian immediately looked at her and met Fu Sinian’s gaze.

This was the first time she was looking down at him.


Fu Sinian rolled up his light pants and realized that her knees had a bruise. His heart ached even more.

Su Ruoqing stood not far away and watched this scene.

She was trembling with anger.

How could Fu Sinian do this!

How could he squat down in front of Shi Qian!

At this moment, Fu Sinian was as pious as a believer in front of Shi Qian!

“Does it still hurt?” Fu Sinian rubbed it a few times and asked softly.

“It doesn’t hurt anymore, Young Master Fu. You don’t have to rub it anymore.” Shi Qian wanted to lower her pants.

Fu Sinian suddenly exerted a little more strength, and Shi Qian frowned in pain.

“You still say it doesn’t hurt! You’ve already bumped into something and ended up like this. Do you think I’m blind?” Fu Sinian stood up and picked Shi Qian up by the waist.

A person in designated driving clothes walked over. Xiao Yan immediately waved at the person.

“President Fu, I’ll leave Qian Qian to you. I’ll go back first.”

“Sister Yan, send me a message when you get home,” Shi Qian instructed Xiao Yan.

“Okay.” With that, Xiao Yan left quickly.

She did not want to stay here any longer!

President Fu couldn’t bear to reprimand Qian Qian, but the way he had looked at her just now was as if he wanted to kill her. She really couldn’t take that aura.

Fu Sinian carried Shi Qian to the car, where Su Ruoqing was still standing.

Shi Qian had never expected Fu Sinian to carry her and stop in front of Su Ruoqing.

“President Su, my wife has indeed misunderstood the things you placed in my clothes and those photos. You just said that you wanted to explain to my wife in person. Now that she’s here, take this opportunity to clarify things,” Fu Sinian said to Su Ruoqing.

Su Ruoqing’s face turned pale, and her lips trembled slightly. Under Fu Sinian’s sharp gaze, she slowly said, “Shi Qian, Young Master Fu only has you in his heart. Although I like him too, this relationship is all one-sided. Please don’t misunderstand.”

Shi Qian’s mind was blank. She didn’t know what to say in response to Su Ruoqing.

Fu Sinian took a step forward with Shi Qian in his arms, and Chen Song immediately opened the car door.

Su Ruoqing watched Fu Sinian and Shi Qian get into the car. The car started and drove away quickly. She didn’t look away until it disappeared from her sight.

Her sorry figure was reflected in the glass window beside her.

She had suffered a crushing defeat in this battle!

She had risked her life to test him, but Fu Sinian did not pity her at all. As long as Fu Sinian could pity her a little, she still had hope.

Hadn’t he considered marrying her before?

Since he had already made such considerations, why was he so heartless to her?

He and Shi Qian were from two completely different worlds. She was the one who was most suitable for him and understood him the most!

No! She couldn’t be discouraged!

Fu Sinian would understand sooner or later that she was better than Shi Qian!

… .

Shi Qian sat in the car and did not say anything.

Fu Sinian’s hand was still on her injured knee. The temperature of his palm was very high, and the fact that his hand was just there without moving eased some of the pain.

The atmosphere in the car was a little heavy.

Fu Sinian suddenly leaned towards Shi Qian and she dodged back.

However, there was only so much space in the car, so she couldn’t dodge much at all.

She thought Fu Sinian was going to kiss her, but in the end, he only leaned closer to smell her.