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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 482 - Chapter 482 Big Boss Fu Slaps Su Ruoqing

Chapter 482 Big Boss Fu Slaps Su Ruoqing

Fu Sinian retracted his gaze and looked at President Jiang and the others. Without saying anything, he took out a ring from his pocket and slowly put it on his finger.

The few of them were stunned by his actions.

This ring was on his left ring finger!


This was a wedding ring!

When Su Ruoqing saw Fu Sinian’s actions, her face instantly turned pale. Fu Sinian had actually used such a method to humiliate her!

Was he preparing to publicize his relationship with Shi Qian?

“Everyone might have misunderstood just now. The family member I’m talking about isn’t my grandfather, but my wife,” Fu Sinian said with a smile.

“Your wife? President Fu, you’re married? Why isn’t there any news? Which noble young miss is Mrs. Fu? Why haven’t we heard anything?”

“She’s not from a prestigious family, but I like her. It’s not convenient for me to make it public for now. When the wedding banquet is held, I’ll definitely invite everyone to it.”

A few short words explained the situation.

Everyone also understood that Fu Sinian’s marriage had to be kept a secret for the time being. Before he made his identity public, it was a mystery.

Then what was Su Ruoqing?

“I have some business cooperation with President Su. Other than that, I don’t have any personal relationship with her.” Fu Sinian deliberately clarified.

If Fu Sinian taking out his wedding ring just now was the equivalent to stepping on Su Ruoqing, then this sentence would have kicked Su Ruoqing repeatedly on the ground.

Su Ruoqing endured the humiliation and anger. She had never expected Fu Sinian to not give her any face.

They had known each other for so long. Could it be that she could not compare to the few months that Shi Qian had been with him?

Why was Fu Sinian so cruel to her?!

Fu Sinian took a step forward and pushed out all the chips on the table.

Then, he showed his cards.

At this light, their faces turned green.

If this round had gone on normally, they would have lost another huge sum!

“I’ll give these chips to everyone. Take your time. I have to go back. If I go back late, I probably won’t be able to enter the bedroom.” With that, Fu Sinian picked up the suit hanging at the side and draped it over his arm before striding away.

Before anyone could react!

The news of Fu Sinian’s marriage was simply like a bolt from the blue, shocking everyone.

Besides, from Fu Sinian’s behavior, he seemed to care a lot about his wife.

The few of them looked at Su Ruoqing and were about to speak when she suddenly turned around and ran out.

It was obvious that she had gone after Fu Sinian.

Fu Sinian was about to get into the car when a voice came from behind.

“Sinian!” Su Ruoqing was out of breath from running. As her heels were too high, she simply threw off her shoes and chased after him barefooted.

Su Ruoqing came to the car.

Chen Song immediately stood in front of her. “Miss Su, please keep your distance in case you take any indecent photos again.”

Su Ruoqing’s face stiffened.

Had Fu Sinian already found the paparazzo? He already knew the situation. Hadn’t he eliminated his suspicion of her?

She had clearly arranged it flawlessly!

“Sinian, I’m sorry. I really shouldn’t have posted that on my Moments! Can you listen to my explanation? I was really disheartened at that time. I didn’t think that I could still live! The only person I cared about in this world was you. I wanted to use those photos to deceive myself, as if we were a loving couple. I wanted to use this method to say goodbye to you one last time,” Su Ruoqing explained sincerely.