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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 481 - Chapter 481 Big Boss Fu's Companion Is Miss Su?

Chapter 481 Big Boss Fu’s Companion Is Miss Su?

Fu Sinian looked up with a faint smile in his eyes. “Didn’t President Jiang say that I was lucky? That might be the reason.”

“President Fu, your mouth is really vicious! Do you mean that it’s bad luck for us to bring a female companion? So, we always lose?” President Jiang retorted. “President Fu, how can a normal man not get close to women?”

“Then I might be abnormal,” Fu Sinian added.


President Jiang’s expression froze. “President Fu, you can’t say that! How dare a man say that about himself!”

The people at the side also laughed.

“Who said that President Fu doesn’t have a female companion?” A delicate voice sounded. Su Ruoqing walked in in a cheongsam and ten-centimeter high heels.

“Oh, President Su!” When President Jiang saw Su Ruoqing, he stood up. “President Fu, so you have President Su to accompany you! Seriously, you didn’t tell me in advance.”

“I didn’t ask President Su out. Which one of you asked her out?” Fu Sinian asked the people in front of him.

The few of them looked embarrassed.

Su Ruoqing had come uninvited.

Su Ruoqing’s face stiffened.

Fu Sinian actually called her President Su. He had never called her that before.

She suppressed the strange feeling in her heart and walked towards Fu Sinian with a gentle smile.

“Sinian, I happened to be playing here with a friend. When I heard that you were here, I came to take a look.”

Fu Sinian glanced at the time. “It’s getting late today. Let’s stop here.”

Su Ruoqing’s expression tightened. Why was Fu Sinian leaving as soon as she arrived?

Was he that unwilling to see her now?

As soon as Fu Sinian said this, the people at the table raised their wrists to look at the time.

“President Fu, your watch is broken, right? It’s not that late yet, and you’re telling us it’s getting late?” President Jiang walked towards Fu Sinian with his raised arm.

“The Fu family is very strict,” Fu Sinian said and stood up.

“Your old master is still controlling you at this time? I don’t believe it! You’re not a ten-year-old child. You’re already an adult. How can you go back at ten o’clock!”

Su Ruoqing could tell that when Fu Sinian said that the family was under strict control, he wasn’t referring to the Old Master of the Fu family. This family member was Shi Qian!

She secretly clenched her fists.

“President Fu, aren’t you going to give President Su some face? We have to care about President Su, right?”

The matter between Fu Sinian and Su Ruoqing had not only spread among the noblewomen in the capital, but everyone present had also heard about it.

In particular, President Jiang wanted to use Su Ruoqing to keep Fu Sinian.

Although his cooperation with Fu Sinian had been successful, he wanted to get closer to him.

“Why don’t we call it a day? Sinian has been resting early recently,” Su Ruoqing said slowly.

“I understand! President Su, you’re not here to play. You’re here to look for President Fu to go home quickly, right?” President Jiang teased.

Su Ruoqing’s face immediately turned red. “President Jiang, you’ve misunderstood. I’m really not here to look for Sinian to go home quickly.”

This explanation made people misunderstand even more. Didn’t this mean that Su Ruoqing had admitted her relationship with Fu Sinian?

Fu Sinian looked at Su Ruoqing with a cold and sharp gaze.

Su Ruoqing looked up and met Fu Sinian’s gaze. Her heart trembled, and she was completely stunned.

“Sinian, look, everyone has misunderstood. Hurry up and clarify.” She pretended to be calm and pouted at Fu Sinian.

She was certain that Fu Sinian would definitely not publicize his mental illness.

He hadn’t even told his family about this.

It was impossible for Fu Sinian to publicize that she was his psychiatrist.