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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 480 - 480 She's a Coward

480 She’s a Coward

“People are too fickle. Moreover, no one can control other people’s hearts. Since you can’t control other people’s hearts, you might as well control your own heart. Sister Yan, I don’t care about those rumors. Isn’t life just a mix of right and wrong? What I am worried about is that after I start to rely on someone, they will disappear from my world at any time. Even blood ties are unreliable, let alone feelings caused by hormones.”

“Qian Qian, I didn’t expect you to have such enlightenment at such a young age.” Xiao Yan’s heart resonated with her. She believed that Shi Qian must have experienced something to have such a state of mind.


“You’re too afraid of losing it, so you don’t dare to love bravely,” Xiao Yan added.

“No, I don’t even dare to be loved.” Shi Qian smiled self-deprecatingly.

Xiao Yan did not know what to say.

“Let’s not talk about anything else for now. What are you going to do about the production team?” Xiao Yan changed the topic.

“If the production team has such an attitude, then I definitely won’t continue filming. What I’m worried about now is whether the production team will sue me for breaching the contract. How much money do I have to pay?” Shi Qian voiced her worries.

Based on the contract, the production team did not violate any laws.

“Actually, I’m not worried about the compensation. I’m worried about how much it will affect your image.” Xiao Yan thought for a moment and continued, “There’s still some time before the next recording. During this period, I’ll think of a way to get the original video that was recorded at that time and the surveillance footage of you and Jin Enshu fighting.”

“Can you get it?”

“I’m confident. Wait for my news.”

“Okay!” Shi Qian nodded. “Sister Yan, you don’t have to worry about my summer break schedule. If there’s a suitable collaboration, you can help me take it on.”

“Okay, don’t worry! It’s still early. If you’re not in a hurry to go back, let’s go for a drink?” Xiao Yan invited.

“Okay,” Shi Qian immediately agreed. “My treat.”

“Then let’s go to the club I often go to. There’s a very handsome bartender.” Xiao Yan drove to the intersection ahead and changed direction.

… .

Fu Sinian had a meal that happened to coincide with the time of the broadcast. He really couldn’t refuse, so he could only prioritize his work first.

After dinner, they changed to another venue.

This was a very interesting club.

On the first floor was a KTV room in a bar, and on the second and third floors was a hotel-style entertainment center.

Fu Sinian and the others started a card game on the third floor.

In less than half an hour, there was already a pile of chips in front of Fu Sinian.

“President Fu, you’re so lucky today,” someone at the side couldn’t help but tease.

“I haven’t played for a long time so I must have gotten lucky,” Fu Sinian replied. When he saw the cards in his hand, he pushed out half of the chips in front of him.

When the others saw this situation, they did not dare to follow.

They couldn’t help but think to themselves that Fu Sinian’s cards couldn’t be so good, right?

“Since we’re out to play, we have to have fun. Even if we lose this round, how much money can we lose?! I’ll accompany you to the end.” The person who spoke sat opposite Fu Sinian and took out a cigar.

The woman behind him immediately lit it.

“President Fu, do you want one?”

“I don’t smoke, thank you,” Fu Sinian refused softly.

“If you don’t smoke a cigarette, you won’t be able to enjoy the service of a beauty. Look, the few of us have brought our female companions here. How boring is it for you to be alone? Why don’t you get Li Li to accompany President Fu?”