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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 477 - 477 Unbearable Grievance

477 Unbearable Grievance

Wen Lan was also furious.

It was obvious that she was being treated differently!


If she thought about it a little, there must have been more than this during the recording. Perhaps the problem was with the post-production!

“Old Master, don’t be angry. I’ll look for Xiao Yan first to understand the situation.” Wen Lan stood up and walked to the side.

She called Xiao Yan’s number, but it showed that she was busy.

“Wen Lan, how is it?” Old Master quickly asked her.

“The call hasn’t gone through. Perhaps Xiao Yan is also understanding the situation now. Let’s wait a little longer.”

“Why don’t I call Qian Qian? Did this child suffer some grievance during the recording? She didn’t tell us.” The old master was really worried now.

“Dad, I don’t think we should call Qian Qian for the time being. Let me figure out what’s going on first. If Qian Qian really suffered some grievance during the recording, causing her to be clearly ostracized during the later broadcast, I definitely won’t sit back and do nothing.”

“Okay, I’ll listen to you.” With that, the old master sighed.

… .

Shi Qian coaxed her mother to her room to sleep first and sat alone in the living room.

She couldn’t figure this out either.

Even if her scenes were edited, why did they still have to deliberately distort her voice?

From the scenes she had seen on television, it was really difficult for her to advance.

She picked up her phone and glanced at it. Just as she was about to call Xiao Yan, she suddenly saw that there were already four to five missed calls on her phone.

She called Xiao Yan first. Xiao Yan’s phone was busy.

She might be negotiating with the production team.

Among these missed calls, some were from her roommates, and one was from Teacher Ouyang.

It seemed that everyone had watched the show and came to find her to understand the situation.

There were also many messages in the WeChat group.

The three people in the roommates’ group kept scolding the production team.

There were all kinds of comments in the group chat.

[Have you seen it today? Shi Qian, who’s known as the school belle of our Chinese opera, participated in the program “Heavenly Feast”. Her performance is really indescribable.]

[I saw it. I feel that those who were eliminated are all better than her. I really don’t know how she advanced.]

[But she’s really beautiful.]

[It’s because of that face.]

[I feel awkward just looking at her. She still dares to brag with such poor skills. People nowadays really don’t even care about integrity in order to package themselves.]

[Previously, she said that Sun Feifei didn’t have the strength and there was an inside story to her advancing to the top four. Now, I believe it. There’s really an inside story!]

[The production team also has to consider the benefits.]

[Guess who the financier behind Shi Qian is?]

[Of course it’s Fu Sinian!]

[I just don’t understand. She can completely rely on her financier to soar in her life, but she still has to show her face.]

[How can it be so easy to enter a wealthy family?!She’s just a plaything in the Fu family.]

[It’s illegal to spread rumors. Do you know that?!]

[Who’s the person above? I’m here to seek justice!]

Shi Qian saw that this profile picture belonged to her roommate, Huang Jia.

Then, Qiu Jie and Wang Jinling also came out.

Seeing that someone was defending her, the group instantly fell silent.

Shi Qian was touched.

She sent a message in the roommates’ group chat.

[Don’t worry, this wasn’t the case when we were recording the show. I’m also trying to understand what happened. I’ll tell you when I have news.]