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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 475 - 475 Suspect

475 Suspect

The man’s teeth were knocked out.

He trembled in fear and immediately knelt on the ground to beg for mercy.


“I know I was wrong. I really know I was wrong. Please spare me!”

“I really shouldn’t have taken those pictures!”

Jiang Feng frowned. “How did those photos you took end up in Su Ruoqing’s hands?”

“At that time, I thought that since I had already finished taking the photos, I had to make these photos valuable. Coincidentally, I knew Su Ruoqing, so I contacted her. I didn’t expect her to be so straightforward and be willing to spend a high price to buy these photos!”

“I guarantee that after I sold these photos to Su Ruoqing, I didn’t keep any backups!”

Jiang Feng could not make a judgment either.

Was it true that Su Ruoqing hadn’t arranged for someone to take the photos?

… .

Fu Sinian listened to Jiang Feng’s report and frowned slightly.

“What kind of person does this person look like?”

“He looks like a coward. Besides, I’ve investigated his identity and he has been a paparazzo for five years. I didn’t find anything unusual. Perhaps it’s really a coincidence?

“When you were overseas, you also interacted with Su Ruoqing. What’s your impression of her?”

“At first, I felt that you had a good impression of her since you were so close to her. I really hoped that she could help you, but I kept feeling that I couldn’t see through her. I felt that she wasn’t simple, especially since her arrival in the country this time overturned my previous impression of her.”

“She’s indeed not simple.”

“I used to think that she was very professional. You only had a doctor-patient relationship with her. I didn’t expect her to have ulterior motives towards you long ago!”

Fu Sinian glanced at Jiang Feng, who immediately shut up.

“Before the Qin family went bankrupt, Su Ruoqing worked with the Qin family. She had just returned to the country not long ago. Even if she came back with a large sum of money and poured money into the market, it was impossible for her to enter such a complicated network in the capital in a short period of time.” Fu Sinian was deep in thought.

“That’s right!” Jiang Feng had just thought of this. “Young Master Fu, could it be because of you? After all, at that time, you asked Su Ruoqing to appear with you, causing quite a commotion. Others suspected that the two of you were a couple.”

“I wonder what you were thinking at that time. If not for this reason, you and Young Madam wouldn’t have gotten a divorce,” Jiang Feng couldn’t help but complain.

Fu Sinian glanced at Jiang Feng again.

Although Jiang Feng had closed his mouth, he was still indignant.

It was clearly something he had done, but no one was allowed to say it.

“Even if I appear with her, it won’t affect her that much. After all, I didn’t attend any public events with her after that.”

Jiang Feng nodded.

That was true.

“Young Master Fu, what do you suspect about her?”

“Qin Hao did pursue Qian Qian before, but with his style of doing things, he would never pester her. However, he did something abnormal to Qian Qian. Su Ruoqing and Mrs. Qin have a close relationship and even invested in Qin Hao and his father’s company. Qin Hao’s family treated her like a distinguished guest.”

“Young Master Fu, do you mean that it’s very likely that Su Ruoqing was behind this?”

Fu Sinian did not say anything, which was a tacit agreement.

“What happened after that might have something to do with her.”

“D*mn, if all of this is true, then it’s really a plot where love can’t be corrupted!”