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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 468 - 468 Could There Be a More Perfunctory Attitude?

468 Could There Be a More Perfunctory Attitude?

She did not know how Qian Qian’s relationship with Sinian was currently. She really hoped that Qian Qian could be with Sinian.

She did not want to give Qian Qian too much pressure. She could not be anxious about relationships.


Shi Qiuran suddenly remembered that back then, she had left Lin Shiming resolutely.

Lin Shiming and Su Youwei had been secretly dating for many years. They had even given birth to children and came knocking on their door. Yet, Lin Shiming was still so shameless.

He would torment her slowly.

He would coax her first and let her acknowledge Su Youwei’s child. He would say that the child was innocent and that the child only wanted a father.

However, didn’t her Qian Qian want a father?

Lin Shiming led Lin Qinghe through the door. She saw how much he doted on her, and so did Qian Qian.

This was only the first step.

Lin Shiming’s motive was even more disgusting.

Su Youwei had said that she did not want any status and only wanted to be with Lin Shiming. In Lin Shiming’s heart, there was only Su Youwei.

Not divorcing her was like giving her a huge favor.

She even had to endure it and share a husband with Su Youwei.

He did not even avoid being with Su Youwei anymore.

Lin Shiming still did not agree to her request for a divorce.

In the end, she couldn’t take it anymore, so she took advantage of the annual meeting of Lin Shiming’s company to expose this scandal and embarrass Lin Shiming and Su Youwei in Yun Cheng.

Lin Shiming still wanted to use his assets to deal with her.

She only wanted to cut ties as soon as possible, so she chose to leave with Qian Qian.

She did not want a single cent, nor was she willing to take another look at Lin Shiming!

She only knew that that period of time was the darkest time in her life. She had never thought that Qian Qian would be so hurt by seeing these things with her own eyes.

That was why she was so disappointed in marriage.

She was so disappointed that she avoided it!

Shi Qian tidied up the side dishes and walked out of the kitchen. It was already past five in the afternoon.

She took out her phone and sent a message to Fu Sinian.

[Young Master Fu, I’ve already finished recording and took a taxi back to the Sunshine District.]

Fu Sinian was instructing Chen Song about his work when his phone rang with a notification.

He picked up the phone and glanced at it.

“Go prepare some gifts,” Fu Sinian instructed directly.

“Young Master Fu, are you going to visit your mother-in-law?” Chen Song asked tentatively.


“Okay, I’ll prepare it immediately.”

Fu Sinian did not reply.

He had originally planned to accompany Shi Qian back to visit his mother today. In the end, she ran back on her own.

Perhaps the show had already finished recording and she was only sending him a message now.

And it wasn’t even a phone call.

Could there be a more perfunctory attitude?

Fu Sinian put down his phone and continued working.

Shi Qian looked at her phone for a while, but Fu Sinian did not reply.

She wasn’t sure if Fu Sinian had seen her message. Perhaps he was busy now and would definitely see it later.

Shi Qian put down her phone and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

In less than ten minutes, Shi Qian’s phone rang.

Shi Qiuran looked at the caller ID and saw that it was Fu Sinian. She picked up the call.

“Sinian, I’m Auntie. Qian Qian is in the kitchen now,” Shi Qiuran said with a smile.

Shi Qian walked out with a spatula in her apron.

Her mother was holding her phone and smiling.

From the looks of it, she could already guess who had called.