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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 465 - 465 Don't Let Shi Qian Have Too Many Scenes

465 Don’t Let Shi Qian Have Too Many Scenes

“Of course.” Shi Qian nodded.

“I’ll just say it casually. ‘It’s raining. Your mother is calling you home for dinner.’ That’s all. Try it.”


As soon as these words were spoken, the audience below the stage laughed.

Shi Qian cleared her throat and used a charming voice.

She deliberately leaned closer to the microphone and lowered her voice.

“It’s raining. Your mother is calling you home for dinner.”

Everyone present felt their bodies go numb. Wang Yan smiled and gritted his teeth.

“Wow, my ears! My ears are pregnant!” An audience member shouted.

Then, she used a young man’s voice, a loli’s voice, and a mature sister’s voice respectively. In the end, she finished with a roar!

The audience below the stage was shocked by the last voice.

When such a beautiful young lady used such a valiant voice, the contrast was simply too great!

If these people weren’t present, they would definitely think that it was a post-production voiceover.

In the end, this roar seemed to convey a biological mother’s concern. She did not even know to go home for dinner when it was raining. Her biological mother’s slap was about to land!

“Alright, please return to your seats.” After saying that, the host couldn’t help but tap his ears.

This scene caused the audience below the stage to roar with laughter.

He did not expect the funny part of the show to appear here.

A lady led Shi Qian to her place.

When the last scene swept over her, she no longer had to feel tense.

Next, the other four people appeared one by one. Among them, one unfortunately did not have the chance to walk out of the door.

In the end, only nineteen contestants from the five groups were left.

After resting for a while, they began to record the last segment. All the contestants went on stage, and they needed to record a scene of all the contestants together.

“Today’s recording is over. Thank you, everyone!” the production team said to everyone.

Shi Qian and Xiao Yan packed their things and left.

Jin Enshu and Zhao Ming arrived at the director’s office.

“Miss Jin hasn’t left yet?” The director who had advised Director Xiang previously took the initiative to greet her.

“I have something to discuss with the production team.” Zhao Ming went straight to the point.

“Sit down and talk.” Director Wu pulled out a few chairs for Zhao Ming and Jin Enshu.

“Director Wu, you know best how much sponsorship En En has pulled in for the production team after joining your show, right? She should account for 60% of it, right? Besides, a few advertisements were endorsed by En En. Her value has been tested by the market.”

“Yes, yes.” Director Wu nodded.

“Aren’t there too many scenes of Shi Qian today? This is too unfair to other contestants.”

“It’s like this. The segment today was quite outstanding. We also have to consider the effect of the show,” Director Wu explained softly.

“I don’t think it’ll affect much if we cut out Shi Qian’s part. I don’t think En En’s fans want to see her limelight stolen by a newcomer and an internet celebrity.”

Director Xiang walked over. “You mean that other than Jin Enshu, no one else in my show can perform outstandingly? We might as well write a script and act according to it. The main character will be Miss Jin Enshu. The rest will be reduced to supporting roles for Miss Jin Enshu!”

Zhao Ming and Jin Enshu could hear Director Xiang’s retort.

Their expressions changed slightly.

“Director Xiang, you’ve misunderstood us. I’m just saying that it’s too focused on Shi Qian and I don’t want her to have too many scenes. I didn’t say that it’s directed at everyone. We abide by the rules of the production team very much. This is also written in the contract.” Zhao Ming made his intentions clear.