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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 464 - 464 Fight Between Gods

464 Fight Between Gods

The audience on the stage also realized this problem.

“I actually forgot to press it!”


“I remember now, but the time has passed! Fortunately, she passed. Otherwise, it would be a pity!”

“Is this a voice actor? This voice is simply amazing!”

“I’m really lucky to have obtained a spot in the audience and personally witnessed what a battle between gods is!”

“I have a feeling that once this episode is released, it will definitely surpass the first episode!”

“I feel that compared to other variety shows, this show is simply too good!”

The host, Wang Yan, held the microphone tightly. He was stunned for a few seconds.

“Just now, a soul-stirring scene appeared on the field. This support rate is really close to 50%.”

“Actually, from everyone’s vexed expressions just now, I know how much everyone is looking forward to opening this door! Don’t you think so?”

“Yes!” the audience shouted in unison.

Behind the door, Shi Qian’s mood was like a roller coaster.

What she was sure of now was that she had passed, and the passing rate was not high.

Jin Enshu happened to arrive at the recording venue. She had seen the scene just now.

With such a low support rate just now, she had been praying that Shi Qian wouldn’t pass!

She wanted her to be eliminated in the first round!

This was the rule!

Even if the production team wanted her to stay, there was nothing they could do!

However, she had just received more than 50% of the support rate.

It was really infuriating!

What was this performance? It was just a casual speech, but she could still pass. There was really no technical skill!

If she could even pass, this production team would be praised to the heavens.

Jin Enshu rolled her eyes and headed for the powder room.

“Please open door 22! Let’s welcome contestant 22!” After Wang Yan finished speaking, the lights gathered on door 22, and the music started playing.

The door slowly opened and Shi Qian walked out.

She was wearing a fishtail dress. Her white dress was hand-embroidered with colorful sequins. Her shoulders and chest were covered with light muslin, and her collarbone was perfectly displayed.

Her black hair was tied up, and there was only a circle of pearls in her hair.

Such a gown actually made her look so fair that she shone!

“Oh my god! She’s so beautiful!”

“It’s another day of meeting a goddess!”

“It’s Shi Qian! It’s Shi Qian! I actually didn’t recognize her voice at all just now!”

“Shi Qian?” Some people still found the name unfamiliar.

“Sister, kill me!” Someone in the audience had already shouted.

This time, there was no need for the staff to cheer them on. Everyone consciously became excited.

Such activity was different from when Jin Enshu came out.

When Jin Enshu came out, the entire venue was high. Jin Enshu herself was also very active in interacting with the audience.

Shi Qian only walked to the front of the stage and bowed obediently to everyone.

“Contestant No. 22 is Shi Qian. She’s still studying Chinese opera and is a sophomore. She’s studying dubbing!” The host introduced her to everyone.

The audience immediately burst into applause.

On the big screen, a fragment of Shi Qian’s anime was played.

“Sister, kill me!” The people below the stage shouted spontaneously.

After the clip was played, Wang Yan looked at Shi Qian in disbelief.

“It’s Shi Qian. The voice you performed live just now was simply worlds apart from the dubbing in the anime! If I give you a sentence, can you use different voices to perform for us live?”