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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 463 - 463 Shi Qian Was Eliminated?

463 Shi Qian Was Eliminated?

“Which gentleman?” Shi Qian was dumbfounded.

“Your Mr. Fu.”


“What my Mr. Fu.! No!” Shi Qian felt awkward, and her face turned red uncontrollably.

Xiao Yan’s smile deepened.

Thinking about last night, when Qian Qian hadn’t asked Fu Sinian to look for her, she wanted to laugh.

That was Fu Sinian!

She was also so humble as the Fu family’s daughter-in-law.

She seemed to have found the joy of being a couple. No wonder so many people wanted to be in a relationship.

“You’re about to start the summer vacation. Other than the production team’s recording, you don’t have any other scheduled work. I’m also afraid that I’ll take up your summer vacation time, in case I cause a certain gentleman to be dissatisfied and get fired.”

“Sister Yan, if you’re fired, terminate your contract immediately and we’ll do our own thing!”

Xiao Yan’s eyes lit up. “That’s not a bad idea! I can smell freedom! However, I’m afraid a certain gentleman can’t bear to terminate his contract with you.”

“Sister Yan, why are you teasing me now?”

Xiao Yan smiled. “I’m not teasing you. I just feel that you and a certain gentleman are really compatible.”

Her heart couldn’t help but tremble.

Suddenly, she realized a problem.

When did she stop rejecting Fu Sinian as much as before?

She felt like a sponge. Fu Sinian was like water, seeping into her life everywhere. His presence slowly became the norm after his initial discomfort.

This feeling was terrifying.

“After putting on your makeup, you can participate in the recording.” A voice came from outside the door.

“Okay!” Xiao Yan replied.

Peach quickly applied some gold powder on Shi Qian’s face.


She glanced at herself in the mirror. She had never worn such heavy makeup before. She looked unfamiliar even to herself.

When the recording began, there were only Shi Qian and the remaining four people behind the 25 doors.

After recording the four of them going on stage, they would continue to make a montage and all of them would appear.

This part was finished recording.

“Let’s draw the last group of contestants. Who will be the first to appear?” With that, the host, Wang Yan, reached into the box and drew the first number.

“Number 22!”

When Shi Qian heard her number, she immediately gathered her energy and picked up the receiver.

Her performance had no background music. The entire scene was terrifyingly quiet.

The audience looked puzzled, thinking that there was another problem with the equipment.

Suddenly, an ethereal female voice sounded.

“The sound of the zither passed through the door that was sprinkled with copper and green. It spread outside the door, through the river bank that was filled with fishes, and past the reeds that were filled with fluorescent light…”

The first word was quiet and slow.

On the big screen, there was a patch of reeds being blown by the breeze. Listening to this sound, they seemed to be brought into the scene at once.

When Director Xiang heard this, he slowly closed his eyes.

Such a voice was suitable for him to close his eyes and listen.

Some of the audience on the stage also closed their eyes, looking intoxicated.

The faint voice ended, and there was still silence.

Suddenly, people realized that they hadn’t pressed the pass button.

Only then did people press it one after another.

Due to time constraints, just a little more than 50% of people had pressed the button.

When Director Xiang saw this outcome, he did not know how to describe it.

“It’s too immersive! It’s precisely because it was immersive that she was almost eliminated!”

Shi Qian did not know what was going on in front of her. She did not hear the host call her, and the door did not open. She could only stand there and not move.

Could she have been eliminated?