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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 462 - 462 Young Master Fu, Come, Let's Compete

462 Young Master Fu, Come, Let’s Compete

Damn it! He had goosebumps!

“Young Master Fu, don’t tell me you’ve been possessed? It’s very abnormal for you to be like this! Don’t scare me!”


“Qian Qian praised me for looking good. I just wanted to confirm it.” Fu Sinian turned the menu aside and stopped looking.

Rong Qi was speechless.

“I never expected that a person could create such pure dog food! You can slowly look in the mirror alone and admire your beauty!”

Rong Qi turned around and walked to the side, enduring the critical damage alone.

After playing for a while, he saw that Fu Sinian was pitying himself in the mirror again. He couldn’t help but take out his phone and take all these pictures.

Also, he had recorded Fu Sinian’s crazy behavior last time.

Fu Sinian noticed that Rong Qi was taking photos of him again and glanced over coldly.

“Young Master Fu, come, strike a pose!”

Fu Sinian stood up and walked towards Rong Qi. He pressed Rong Qi onto the sofa and flipped through Rong Qi’s photo album, preparing to see what Rong Qi had taken.

“Young Master Fu, how can you look at other people’s phones casually? How can you flip through photo albums casually?”

“What other secrets do you have about me?” Fu Sinian suddenly saw a video that looked a little familiar.

When he clicked on it, it was actually a video of him drinking with Rong Qi last time.

Fu Sinian looked at Rong Qi, who immediately felt a chill run down his spine.

“How dare you record this?”

“Ah, I’m exposed.” Rong Qi looked fearless.

Fu Sinian directly deleted these video albums.

“Well, I still have a backup.”

Fu Sinian’s face darkened.

“Young Master Fu, you have to treat me better in the future. Otherwise, I can’t guarantee that these videos won’t be made public.” Rong Qi said the most fearless words with the most cowardly attitude.

“How can I be good to you?” Fu Sinian asked coldly.

Before Rong Qi could answer, Fu Sinian picked him up and stood in front of him.

Fu Sinian kicked Rong Qi above his legs.

Rong Qi’s thigh immediately felt a tearing pain and he fell to the ground.

“Pull me up!” Rong Qi lay on the ground and reached out to Fu Sinian.

Fu Sinian ignored him and straightened his shirt.

“You don’t want to help, right? I’ll send your embarrassing face to Qian Qian later!” Rong Qi was furious. Who was afraid of who!

Fu Sinian gritted his teeth and reached out to pull Rong Qi up.

Rong Qi was secretly delighted.

As expected, Qian Qian was still useful!

“Delete it,” Fu Sinian ordered concisely and forcefully.

“No!” Rong Qi finally dared to reply directly. He refused to delete it. Let’s see what Fu Sinian can do to him.

From now on, he would finally be able to deal with Fu Sinian.

How could this feeling be just described as satisfying?

… .

The next morning, Shi Qian took the production team’s bus to the recording venue.

Although she had slept in a hotel last night, she had slept soundly in an unfamiliar environment.

When she was with Fu Sinian, she hadn’t slept well.

She slept until dawn and felt relieved.

Only Shi Qian and the other four contestants did not appear yet, so the few of them had to put on their makeup in advance.

Peach came to the dressing room early to wait for Shi Qian and Xiao Yan.

When she was putting on her makeup, she couldn’t help but ask Xiao Yan.

“Sister Yan, do we still have any work arrangements after the recording? It’s best if there’s a business trip.”

Xiao Yan couldn’t help but laugh. She came up to Shi Qian. “A certain gentleman also said that the workload I’ve arranged for you is too heavy. He has a lot of objections.”