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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 461 - 461 Big Boss Fu Is So Obedient

461 Big Boss Fu Is So Obedient

“Rest early. Call me as soon as the recording is over tomorrow,” Fu Sinian replied gently.

When Shi Qian heard that he wasn’t coming, she immediately heaved a sigh of relief.


“Okay! You should rest early too.”

“How can I sleep without you? I’ll go look for Rong Qi.”

“Don’t drink too much.” Shi Qian blurted out. After saying that, she felt a little shocked.

“Okay, no alcohol tonight.”

Fu Sinian had actually agreed to her!

Shi Qian froze again.

Seeing Fu Sinian like this, she was at a loss.

“I’ll hang up first.” She immediately turned off the video.

After ending the call, she stood in the washroom for a long time without walking out.

This was because in the mirror, her face was red and her heart was beating very quickly. No matter how many deep breaths she took, her heart was still beating rapidly.

The atmosphere between her and Fu Sinian just now was too similar to that of a young couple!

Fu Sinian drove away and found the base that Rong Qi often went to.

When Rong Qi saw Fu Sinian, he was stunned.

His first reaction was that Fu Sinian had been abused by Qian Qian again!

Only at this moment did Fu Sinian think of him.

He was like a qualified spare tire, waiting for him at any time.

“Everyone, go play first. All the expenses for today will be on my tab.” Rong Qi immediately arranged for the people in the private room to leave.

In case he saw Fu Sinian lose his composure later, Fu Sinian would blame him again.

“No need. You guys play. I’ll sit for a while before leaving,” Fu Sinian suddenly said.

Rong Qi was stunned and turned to look at Fu Sinian.

Young Master Fu did not look like he was in a bad mood today.

He immediately waved at everyone. “Keep playing. Keep playing.”

Everyone who was about to leave walked back.

Rong Qi brought a bottle of wine to Fu Sinian and prepared to pour him a glass.

“There’s no need to pour it for me. I won’t drink it today,” Fu Sinian refused directly.

“Young Master Fu, what’s wrong? Are you possessed? Why aren’t you drinking here?”

“I promised Qian Qian that I wouldn’t drink today.” Fu Sinian crossed his legs and leaned elegantly against the back of the sofa.

Rong Qi stood there with a wine glass in his hand, feeling a little stifled.

“Then why are you looking for me instead of accompanying Qian Qian?” He put down his glass and sat opposite Fu Sinian.

“Qian Qian is recording a show. She’s not free today.”

“So you’re alone. I was wondering why you remembered me. It doesn’t feel good to be alone, right?”

“You should understand it the most deeply,” Fu Sinian retorted with a smile.

“Me? I…” Rong Qi choked.

It hurt!

Now, he was the one guarding the empty room every day!

Rong Qi picked up his wine glass and took a sip.

Fu Sinian suddenly noticed a glass menu on the table. It could clearly reflect a figure.

He raised his hand and reached for it. It reflected his face.

Rong Qi put down his wine glass and realized that Fu Sinian was engrossed in a menu on the table.

“You haven’t eaten yet? I’ll treat you to supper.”

“I’ve eaten,” Fu Sinian replied calmly.

“Then what are you looking at?” Rong Qi tilted his body and followed Fu Sinian’s gaze.

Suddenly, he realized that this tablet was like a mirror that could reflect a person’s figure.

So, Young Master Fu was looking in the mirror?

At this moment, Rong Qi’s expression was no different from being struck by lightning.

“Do I look good?” Fu Sinian suddenly asked Rong Qi.

Rong Qi jumped up and rubbed his arms hard.