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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 460 - 460 Big Boss Fu Likes to Listen to Traditional Pick Up Lines

460 Big Boss Fu Likes to Listen to Traditional Pick Up Lines

Shi Qian seemed to be mute, while Fu Sinian was sizing her up carefully. Gradually, the corners of his lips curled up slightly.

When he smiled, she immediately felt even more embarrassed.


“What are you laughing at?” Shi Qian asked.

Fu Sinian did not answer her question. Instead, he asked her, “Are you prepared to brush me off like this?”

“How is this perfunctory? I’m recording a show in the capital. What if I go overseas in the future?”

“You mean that it’ll be a luxury for me to see you in the future?” Fu Sinian asked with a smile.

“It’s my job.”

“It’s fine if you don’t want me to come. Say something nice and make me happy, so I won’t come.” Fu Sinian leaned back in his chair and stared intently at the phone screen, not letting go of any expression.

Hearing his words, she immediately frowned and looked troubled.

“What do you mean by nice words? Can you give me a hint about what you want to hear?”

“Think about it yourself.”

Shi Qian choked. How did she know what words were considered nice to him?

She thought of what she usually said that would make Fu Sinian happy.

As she thought about it, she blushed.

If it wasn’t at that time, she wouldn’t have been able to say those words, okay?

Fu Sinian had been looking at Shi Qian’s expression. She stood under the light, making her face look especially fair, so he didn’t see her blush. He only saw her shy and embarrassed expression.

What was she thinking!

His heart was suddenly filled with anticipation!

He wondered what kind of nice words she would come up with to coax him after thinking for so long.

Shi Qian thought of all the words in her mind. How could she say those?!

She took a deep breath and said slowly, “Young Master Fu, there seems to be something on your face.”

Fu Sinian took a closer look and didn’t see anything.

“What is it?” He couldn’t help but ask.

“It’s a little handsome.”

Fu Sinian was stunned for three seconds before he understood what she meant.

Then, he raised his hand to hide the smile on his lips that he couldn’t hide no matter what. It wasn’t an exaggeration at all.

Shi Qian did not expect that such an old-fashioned pick up line would make Fu Sinian so happy. Her mood was also infected, and she laughed.

The two of them just smiled at the screen.

It was as if the atmosphere had never been so harmonious.

Fu Sinian had no idea that this was a popular pick up line on the Internet. He only felt that Shi Qian was praising him for looking good.

For the first time, she felt that there were benefits to his appearance.

“You’re smiling. Does that count as a nice thing to say?”

“Do you really think I’m good-looking, or are you trying to make me happy?” Fu Sinian stopped laughing and asked seriously.

Shi Qian froze.

Fu Sinian couldn’t tell. Wasn’t this corny love talk?

Why would he ask such a question? Could it be that with his heaven-defying looks, he also had facial anxiety?

“Young Master Fu, don’t you look in the mirror?” Shi Qian asked again.

“Of course,” Fu Sinian replied.

“Then why didn’t you realize how good-looking you are?” Shi Qian asked again.

Fu Sinian’s lips curled up again.

Shi Qian suddenly realized that Fu Sinian was really easy to coax!

In fact, he was a little cute.

“Young Master Fu, where are you now?” Shi Qian asked again.

“A few minutes from your hotel.”

“Will you come over again?” Shi Qian wasn’t sure about Fu Sinian’s decision.

He did whatever he wanted. If he wanted to come, she couldn’t stop him. Besides, he had always been domineering.