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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 458 - 458 Tempting

458 Tempting

How could these few lines have such a reaction?

“Director Xiang, look, this is the charm of a popular celebrity.” Another staff member from the production team walked over and sat beside Director Xiang.


“Young people nowadays fall for this. It’s right to insist on our original intentions, but without capital and money, we can’t even do this show. How can we talk about our original intentions?”

Director Xiang did not say anything and fell into deep thought.

After the five contestants in this group finished recording, Shi Qian was still not picked.

They could only be part of the last group.

The production team had arranged for a hotel so that they could continue filming tomorrow.

Shi Qian, Xiao Yan, and the others also followed the production team into the hotel.

At night, they ate together in the hotel’s Chinese restaurant.

Jin Enshu did not appear. She had specially applied for leave. She had already appeared, so she did not have to come to the recording location so early tomorrow.

At this moment, she was staying in another, more upscale hotel.

She had made an appointment with a beautician to take care of her face.

“I definitely won’t let go of the matter of Shi Qian splashing makeup remover on me in public today!”

Zhao Mingxin glanced at her.

“Brother Ming, didn’t you say that Xiao Yan has joined a very small entertainment company and doesn’t have any backing? How dare she still treat you like this?” Jin Enshu changed the topic to Zhao Ming.

When Zhao Ming heard this, his expression immediately darkened.

He had once worked for Xiao Yan, but he had been chased out because he had an affair with an artiste under her.

He would never forget the humiliation Xiao Yan had given him.

“Brother Ming, is the information you revealed to me previously true? If I deal with Shi Qian, will the company really give me a lot of resources?”

Zhao Ming turned around and looked at Jin Enshu. “Let me tell you the truth. Do you know who our company’s largest shareholder is now?”


“Su Ruoqing. Miss Su.”

“Is he the President Su who appeared in the company last time?”

“That’s her. Do you know what her other identity is?”

“What? She’s already so rich. What status does she have?”

“She’s also Fu Sinian’s girlfriend.”

“Oh, oh, I remember now. I think she was the one who followed Fu Sinian when he returned to the country!” Jin Enshu looked shocked. “Wow! This Su Ruoqing, she is living the script of the female lead of an idol drama, right?”

“Who is Shi Qian? Just because she’s a little beautiful, she actually had a scandal with Fu Sinian! Later, President Fu personally clarified that he only knew Shi Qian. What kind of signal is this? Even if Shi Qian really hooked up with President Fu, she’s still Fu Sinian’s plaything.”

“I want to be President Fu’s plaything too!” Jin Enshu blurted out.

“I’ve said so much. Do you understand? A person’s future depends on themselves! If you want to gain a good impression in front of the major shareholders, you have to please them!”

Jin Enshu immediately nodded.

“If Shi Qian is defeated by you, it will definitely alert President Su. At that time, if you flatter her, you won’t have to worry about not getting any resources! It’ll only be a matter of time before you become an A-lister.”

“Brother Ming, thank you for guiding me! When I become an A-lister, I’ll definitely repay you well.” Jin Enshu hugged Zhao Ming’s arm and wheedled.

Zhao Ming had long had evil thoughts about Jin Enshu, but today, when he saw her splashed with makeup remover, the anger in his heart was extinguished.

Suddenly, Shi Qian’s pure and moving face appeared in his mind.

That was the true beauty of the world.

If he could get with Shi Qian, even if it was just once, his life would be complete!